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Nissan X-Trail 2010

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Nissan X-Trail 2010

The 2010 Nissan X-TRAIL range of configurations is currently priced from $4,500. Our most recent review of the 2010 Nissan X-TRAIL resulted in a score of 7 out of 10 for that particular example. You can read the full review here.

This is what Graham Smith liked most about this particular version of the Nissan X-TRAIL: Turbo diesel option, Off-road capability, Centre-mounted speedo is no more

The 2010 Nissan X-TRAIL carries a braked towing capacity of up to 2000 Kg, but check to ensure this applies to the configuration you're considering.

Nissan X-Trail 2010 Price and Specs

The Nissan X-Trail 2010 is currently available from $4,500 for the X-Trail ST (4X4) up to $18,999 for the X-Trail TS (4X4).

Pricing guides

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Highest Price
Nissan X-Trail Model Body Type Specs Price from Price to
ST (4X4) SUV 2.5L ULP CVT AUTO $7,000 $10,780
ST (4X4) SUV 2.5L ULP 6 SP MAN $7,900 $12,210
ST-L (4X4) SUV 2.5L ULP CVT AUTO $7,900 $12,210
ST-L (4X4) SUV 2.5L ULP 6 SP MAN $7,400 $11,440
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Nissan X-Trail 2010 Q&As

Check out real-world situations relating to the Nissan X-Trail 2010 here, particularly what our experts have to say about them.

  • Nissan X-Trail 2010: Steering binds

    If your car was built between August 6 and October 30, 2010, Wayne, then it was the subject of a Nissan recall that was announced in November 2011. Apparently, the power-steering’s assistance could simply stop working, meaning that the steering would still work, but would require a lot more muscle input form the driver. Check the dashboard for a power-steering warning light that is the other clue that this is what’s happening.

    The fact that your car’s problem is intermittent is a bit confusing, but given its recall history, I reckon a visit to a Nissan dealership to see whether the car was one of the affected ones is worth the effort. The other possibility is that the car needs a wheel-alignment as the wheels are not pointing where they should be when you’re turning right.

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  • Nissan X-Trail: DPF light

    The problem is that your driving routine doesn't meet the requirements for the Diesel Particulate Filter to conduct an automatic burn that it must do to get rid of the carbon that has accumulated in it as part of its normal function. The auto burns happens without you knowing, there is no effect on the engine operation while it's going on, but if it doesn't happen the warning light comes on, the engine warning comes on, and eventually the car goes on to a limp home mode that virtually forces you to go to the dealer who can do a forced burn to restore the filter to normal operation. If it's not done it can result in a damaged filter, and can also result in damage to the catalytic converters and that can lead to a very large repair bill in the many thousands of dollars. There isn't much the dealer can do, other than what they have done on your car, and the suggestion to buy a new car is a sign of the frustration they are feeling. Nissan's reputation in the trade is that they are very uncooperative when it comes to warranty claims, although in this case there is little they can do, the solution needs to come from Japan.

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  • Nissan X-Tail: Thin seats

    It’s obviously frustrating and of course will affect the resale value when you come to move it on. There’s not much you can do about it; perhaps you could consult the consumer affairs people to get their opinion on whether Nissan should provide some compensation for what would seem to be an issue with their cars. One way of reducing the wear on seats is to slide the seat back before getting out, that way you won’t rub the seat as you exit. It’s the same when you get in, if the seat has already been slid back you won’t rub across the bolster as you enter, and of course you then have to slide the seat forward to your normal driving position.

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Nissan X-Trail 2010 Towing capacity

The Nissan X-TRAIL’s towing capacity ranges from 1350kg to 2000kg. Some models also offer heavy-duty or towing option packs which can increase towing capacity, as well as options which can hamper towing capacity. Towing capacities can vary wildly on a large number of factors. These include engine, transmission, model, and options chosen. Always check with the manufacturer or in your vehicles handbook before attempting to tow anything.

Nissan X-TRAIL Model Body Type Specs Braked Capacity
ST (4X4) SUV 2.5L,ULP,6 SP MAN 2000kg
ST (4X4) SUV 2.5L,ULP,CVT AUTO 2000kg
TS (4X4) SUV 2.0L,Diesel,6 SP MAN 1350kg
ST-L (4X4) SUV 2.5L,ULP,6 SP MAN 2000kg
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Nissan X-Trail 2010 Dimensions

Dimensions for the 2010 Nissan X-TRAIL are dependent on which body type is chosen. The maximum width and height is 1790mm x 1785mm and can vary on the basis of model.

Dimensions for the Nissan X-Trail 2010 Dimensions  include 1770mm height, 1785mm width, 4630mm length.
Nissan X-TRAIL Model Body Type Height x Width x Length Ground Clearance
ST (4X4) SUV 1770x1785x4630 mm 200 mm
ST (4X4) SUV 1685x1785x4630 mm 200 mm
TS (4X4) SUV 1785x1790x4635 mm 200 mm
TS (4X4) SUV 1685x1785x4630 mm 200 mm
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Nissan X-Trail 2010 Fuel consumption

Fuel consumption for the 2010 Nissan X-TRAIL is dependent on the type of engine, transmission, or model chosen. The Nissan X-TRAIL currently offers fuel consumption from 7.2 to 9.5L/100km. The Nissan X-TRAIL is available with the following fuel types: ULP and Diesel.

Nissan X-TRAIL Model Body Type Specs Fuel Consumption
ST (4X4) SUV 2.5L,ULP,CVT AUTO 9.3L/100km
ST (4X4) SUV 2.5L,ULP,6 SP MAN 9.5L/100km
TL (4X4) SUV 2.0L,Diesel,6 SP MAN 7.4L/100km
TL (4X4) SUV 2.0L,Diesel,6 SP AUTO 8.1L/100km
* Combined fuel consumption See All Nissan X-Trail 2010 Pricing and Specs

Nissan X-Trail 2010 Wheel size

Wheel size for the 2010 Nissan X-TRAIL will vary depending on model chosen, although keep in mind that many manufacturers offer alternate wheel sizes as options on many models.The wheel size available will alter the range of tyres available to be fitted. Standard wheel sizes on the Nissan X-TRAIL vary from 16x6.5 inches to 18x7 inches.

Nissan X-TRAIL Model Body Type Front Tyre Size Front Rim Rear Tyre Size Rear Rim
ST (4X4) SUV 215x65 R16 16x6.5 inches 215x65 R16 16x6.5 inches
TS (4X4) SUV 225x60 R17 17x7 inches 225x60 R17 17x7 inches
ST-L (4X4) SUV 215x60 R17 17x6.5 inches 215x60 R17 17x6.5 inches
TS (4X4) SUV 215x60 R17 17x6.5 inches 215x60 R17 17x6.5 inches
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