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David Morley

David Morley

Contributing Journalist

Morley’s attentions turned to cars and motoring fairly early on in his life. The realisation that the most complex motor vehicle was easier to both understand and control than the simplest human-being, set his career in motion. Growing up in the country gave the young Morley a form of motoring freedom unmatched these days, as well as many trees to dodge. With a background in newspapers, the move to motoring journalism was no less logical than Clive Palmer’s move into politics, and at times, at least as funny.

There can be no doubting the popularity of the Ford Ranger. The...Read more

The Mercedes-AMG C63: Beer taste on a champagne budget? Actually, that’s being unkind, because the C63 has always been every inch a Mercedes. But it’s also the car that proved that just because your wallet has plenty of depth, doesn’t mean you wouldn’t often prefer a good rib-eye over foie gras...Read more

Which road users are allowed in the bus lane?

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Is a novated lease worth it?

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Can I claim my car on tax in Australia?

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What does the No Standing sign mean?

A No Standing or No Stopping...Read more

Here’s a classic no-brainer for you. When Ford launched the Wildtrak trim specification on the Ranger ute way back in 2009, it could hardly have predicted what a sales success it would become. In fact, so well received was the Wildtrak package with its lairy stripes and extra standard equipment,...Read more
Are you familiar with the expression: Be careful what you wish for? It’s an all-purpose warning against confusing what you think you want with what you really need. And it often applies to car design. See, ever since the first soft-roader ditched its low-ratio gear-set and ladder chassis, and the...Read more

Q: How much is a windscreen replacement?

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Q: What is CVT transmission?

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Q: How much does it cost to tint car windows?

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Q: What is the most popular car in Australia?

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Q: What is ceramic coating for cars?

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It’s been around for quite a few years now, but car wrapping, or vinyl...Read more

Q: Are Kia and Hyundai the same company?

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Economists must be wide-eyed watching the American-made, full-sized pick-up market in Australia. Against a backdrop of the highest interest rates we’ve seen for years, a pitiful exchange rate with the US-dollar, the most expensive fuel prices we’ve ever seen, the environment claiming a front seat...Read more
The march to full electrification continues at Mercedes-Benz with the EQE family-sized SUV the latest pure electric line-up to be unveiled. We’ve already seen the EQE Sedan . But with the market’s appetite for the SUV layout, this newcomer could well be the big seller. That said, it won’t...Read more

The rotary engine is an ingenious piece of work. And, like a lot of...Read more

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