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Honda CR-V
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Honda CR-V Pricing and Specs

2022 price from

The Honda CR-V is available from $35,500 to $53,500 for the 2022 SUV across a range of models.

Honda’s CR-V has become a stalwart of Australia’s mid-size SUV landscape, continuing to do battle with its long-time rivals, the Subaru Forester and Toyota RAV4, but facing increased competition from the likes of the Kia Sportage and Hyundai Tucson. It has grown in size to the upper-mid bracket, featuring seven-seat variants to help differentiate it from some of those notable rivals.
As such Honda’s hero SUV now starts from $35,500 for its stripped-back CR-V VI (2WD) 5 Seats to a pricier-than-some-rivals $53,500 for its more premium CR-V VTI LX (awd) 5 Seats.

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Year Price From Price To
2022 $35,500 $53,500
2021 $25,400 $57,090
2020 $21,700 $49,830
2019 $20,400 $44,110
2018 $19,500 $40,260
2017 $15,500 $35,970
2016 $13,100 $28,710
2015 $11,800 $25,190
2014 $9,900 $22,880
2013 $9,000 $19,470
2012 $8,400 $17,820
2011 $7,700 $15,290
2010 $6,800 $13,750
2009 $5,900 $12,430
2008 $4,300 $11,220
2007 $3,600 $8,470
2006 $3,500 $7,370
2005 $2,900 $6,600
2004 $2,400 $7,260
2003 $2,300 $6,710
2002 $2,200 $4,510
2001 $2,100 $5,280
2000 $2,100 $4,510
1999 $2,100 $4,510
1998 $2,400 $4,730
1997 $2,300 $4,290

Honda CR-V FAQs

Check out real-world situations relating to the Honda CR-V here, particularly what our experts have to say about them.

  • Honda CR-V 2020: Should I buy AWD?

    It’s a fact that the top-rung version of a particular make and model will not only get all the luxury and convenience items, it’ll also usually be the first to score new safety tech, too. That’s why CarsGuide gives car-makers a pat on the back when they make new safety gear standard across the whole range. However, that’s the exception rather than the rule here, and most car-makers, including the ones you’ve mentioned have the same policy of loading up the more expensive variants in their line-up.

    But before you dismiss all-wheel-drive as something you have to pay for to get better safety gear, understand that AWD itself is a safety boost. The extra grip given by driving all four wheels makes a car safer in all conditions, but especially in low-friction conditions. So, if safety is a concern (and it obviously is for you, Mark) then I reckon AWD is for you anyway.

    Besides which, even though you’ve said you only driver to the snow every now and then, when those times arrive, you’ll be very pleased you paid for AWD.

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  • Should I buy a Toyota RAV4 or a Honda CR-V?

    You really need to go out and test drive both vehicles, because they both have their plusses and minuses and those will be graded according to your personal preferences. Overall, the RAV4 is a bigger vehicle (almost as big as the original Kluger, in fact) so that might come into the reckoning based purely on the size of your parking space at home.

    The RAV4 rides a bit more softly but your choice of the range-topping VTi-LX in the Honda is a good one because that’s the only model in the line-up that includes autonomous emergency braking, lane-keeping and adaptive cruise-control. That said, the RAV4 has all those features, too, but extends them to the bulk of the models offered, not just the top-spec version.

    On warranty and fuel economy, both compare pretty closely, so it will come down to the little things that you personally find important; things like the Honda’s doors that open almost to 90-degrees and the Toyota’s vast rear seat legroom and cavernous luggage space. Over to you.

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  • Honda CR-V 2015: How do I change the clock?

    With the ignition on press Home button, then in turn Settings, Clock info, and Clock adjustment. You can then adjust the time. It is also shown in your owner’s manual.

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