So, you’re married with children. Energetic children, with lots of friends who love their weekend sport, picnics with Gran and Pop, and heading off on a break, camping or just road-tripping to a favourite family-friendly destination.

You might be eyeing off a three-row SUV with all the rugged, outdoorsy neighbourhood cred that goes with it. But face facts, you’re in the people-mover zone. Or at least you should be.

The reputational discomfort that once went with ownership of a ‘one box’ family truckster has been all but eliminated, thanks largely to the vehicle you see here, Kia’s third-generation Carnival

Launched in 2015, the current Carnival somehow combines day-to-day practicality with handsome design, a people-mover holy grail many though impossible. 

Substantially upgraded with new safety tech and cosmetic tweaks in mid-2018, the Cleary family spent a week on board the second-from-the-top SLi Diesel, covering roughly 800km from Sydney down the beautiful NSW South Coast and back to see how the big eight-seater handled a holiday stress test.