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Kia Carnival Pricing and Specs


Kia Carnival
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The Kia Carnival is available from $47,480 to $72,910 for the 2024 range of models in Wagon body types.

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Kia Carnival FAQs

What do I need to know about putting curtains in a 2007 Kia Carnival?

I reckon an early Kia Carnival would make a great platform for a vanlife adventure. It's very unlikely there's a lot of wiring inside the door, and the only electrical wiring that leaps to mind might be a courtesy light for when you open the sliding door, and the little switch that controls it. So, try to find that switch (it's probably down low near the floor) and see if you can see where any wiring enters or leaves the door via the door jamb. Don't expect to see actual wires, as they probably run inside a black rubber boot or sheath to protect them.

Again, it's very unlikely that there's wiring high up in the door near the window (which is where you need to curtain) but if you drill carefully and check the hole for any coloured wiring just as you punch through the metal, you should be fine. A strong torch will help with this, and disconnect the car's battery before drilling just in case you get mighty unlucky.

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Oil and filter problems with a new Kia Carnival 2.2l diesel

There are two things you need to do. The first is to have the vehicle independently inspected. The RACV is very good for this as it has the resources and a reputation that the car industry respects. Once you've found out what really went wrong (as opposed to what the dealership may have told you on the spot) you can proceed. This will inform what happens next.

If the engine failure was not the cause of a poorly fitted oil filter and was something to do with a manufacturing or materials flaw, then you have a case for a warranty claim. Bypass Kia's dealer network and contact the brand's customer service division at head office.

If, however, the failure was caused by a lack of attention by the mechanic who carried out the last service, then the responsibility may rest with them. Mechanical workshops often have insurance to cover them against this sort of mistake but, regardless, if your mechanic was at fault, the problem becomes theirs in many cases.

A modern vehicle like the Kia has a range of engine protection and warning systems to prevent this sort of thing happening. It seems strange that you didn't receive a dashboard warning regarding low oil level or low oil pressure in the moments before the engine failed.

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High oil usage in a 2019 Kia Carnival

Some oil consumption is normal for engines, and modern engines seem to use a little more than some older designs. That's because modern engines are designed with low-friction piston rings which are great for fuel economy but can lead to slightly higher oil consumption. However, 700ml per 1000km does seem high for what is not an especially high-performance engine, and one that has not travelled very far in the scheme of things.

It wouldn't be the first time a dealer (of any brand) has tried to fob off a customer concern with such a response, so I reckon you're on the right track by contacting Kia Australia's customer service division. I'd also follow up with a phone call as well as an email, but experience suggests Kia is one company that takes customer satisfaction seriously.

Your car is still covered by the factory seven-year warranty, so provided it's been serviced correctly, if there is a fault, it should be covered. Further investigation is warranted, including a compression and leak-down test to show if there's any deterioration in the performance of the engine's piston rings. Your local state motoring club is a good source for these tests, particularly as manufacturers tend to take the clubs and their mechanical inspections seriously.

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