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Toyota Landcruiser Prado
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Toyota Landcruiser Prado Pricing and Specs

2022 price from

The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is available from $60,830 to $87,807 for the 2022 SUV across a range of models.

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Year Price From Price To
2022 $60,830 $87,807
2021 $51,500 $95,590
2020 $46,200 $94,050
2019 $43,800 $83,380
2018 $39,700 $77,990
2017 $36,300 $71,170
2016 $32,900 $63,250
2015 $29,000 $59,290
2014 $27,100 $55,220
2013 $21,200 $48,840
2012 $17,700 $40,370
2011 $16,000 $36,520
2010 $14,500 $32,560
2009 $12,500 $30,140
2008 $11,400 $25,300
2007 $8,400 $26,400
2006 $7,300 $25,190
2005 $7,000 $21,230
2004 $6,900 $20,460
2003 $5,400 $19,800
2002 $5,400 $16,170
2001 $5,400 $15,840
2000 $5,400 $15,840
1999 $5,400 $11,770
1998 $5,400 $10,450
1997 $5,400 $10,120
1996 $5,400 $10,120

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado FAQs

Check out real-world situations relating to the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado here, particularly what our experts have to say about them.

  • Why is my horn and reversing camera not working?

    You’re probably looking at two different, distinct problems here. It’s pretty unlikely that the car’s horn has anything to do with the reverse camera and vice-versa. The fact that the horn sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t suggests a wiring problem rather than anything wrong with the actual horn unit. You need to check the contacts along the entire horn circuit including the contacts on the horn itself as well as the contacts within the steering wheel that trigger the horn. In modern cars with air-bags, however, this is not a job for the casual tinkerer. Don’t forget the fuse-box, as the horn circuit will have a fuse and this could have shaken loose over time leading to the on-off problem.

    The reverse camera problem could be down to the screen or the camera unit itself. Again, you need to check all the connections to make sure that everything is connected tightly and that no moisture has managed to get into the circuit (which is entirely possible as the tiny camera unit is mounted on the outside of the vehicle). And while it might sound silly, check that the lens of the camera isn’t covered in dirt or grease which could also leave you with no image on the screen. Clearly, when you select reverse and the screen goes blank, the camera system is trying to show you what’s behind you, so power is getting to part of the circuit. But either the camera isn’t picking up an image, or the screen is refusing to display it. An auto electrician sounds like a good one-stop shop for both your problems.

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  • The paint on my 2007 Toyota Prado is peeling off, what should I do?

    I haven’t heard of a local class action against Toyota for this problem. It’s a mistake to assume that Australian and USA consumer laws have too much in common, so what happens in North America regarding recalls and fixes isn’t always mirrored here. But it is a fact that Toyota in the USA and Canada has agreed to repaint some of its models that were originally painted in either of two shades of white. In those cases, the paint delaminated from the undercoat and literally fell off the car.

    What’s much more common in Australia is that the clear-coat (the outer layer of clear paint that gives the finished car its gloss) fails and starts to peel or flake off. By the time that’s happened, the actual colour-coat is usually compromised, too, and repainting the vehicle is the best bet. Metallic colours are notorious for this happening (they are the most likely to use a clear-over-base paint finish) and it’s by no means a Toyota-specific problem.

    It happens because the paint used can’t handle Australian levels of heat and UV radiation and it simply fails chemically. Cars from the 1980s and 90s were probably the worst offenders, but some newer cars also suffer the same problem, usually when they’re out of warranty, of course. And just as it isn’t limited to Toyotas, nor is the problem specific to imported cars; plenty of Aussie made Fords and Holdens suffered the same paint deterioration.

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  • Can I replace the master cylinder on my 2000 Toyota Prado with a second-hand one?

    The brake master cylinder fitted to your Prado uses an accumulator to ensure that there’s always some brake pressure available to enable the ABS braking to work instantaneously and seamlessly. You should be able to hear the pump running (probably the gurgling sound you’re reporting) from time to time, but not every time you press the brake pedal.

    You may need a new master cylinder, but it’s also possible that there’s air in the system and it requires bleeding. There’s a specific procedure for bleeding this type of master cylinder, and it’s not the same as that for a conventional vacuum-boosted master cylinder.

    In any case, your information that nobody reconditions these units any longer is incorrect. There’s an operation called Injectronics that can, indeed, recondition and test your existing master cylinder, usually for less than $2000. That, I would suggest, is your best path forward. Check out

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