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Toyota Prado Problems

Are you having problems with your Toyota Prado? Let our team of motoring experts keep you up to date with all of the latest Toyota Prado issues & faults. We have gathered all of the most frequently asked questions and problems relating to the Toyota Prado in one spot to help you decide if it's a smart buy.

My 1997 Toyota Prado GX will crank but not start

Before you buy more parts that may or may not fix the problem, have the vehicle electronically scanned. This is by far the most cost-effective way of finding out what’s wrong and then being able to tackle the actual problem. You could spend weeks and months, not to mention hundreds and thousands of dollars, replacing random parts that have no relationship to what’s causing the engine to refuse to start.

There are literally thousands of reasons for the symptoms you’ve noted, so try to finding the root cause before committing to more replacement bits and pieces.

I am having acceleration problems with my 1998 Toyota Prado

The clue here is that the problem started after the repairs were made post-crash. It sounds awfully like some of the turbocharger's plumbing has been damaged/gone missing after the crash. If so – and it only takes a minute crack in the piping – the engine can lose turbo-boost, which will produce the precise symptoms you've noted.

While the turbocharger itself will be working fine, the boost it produces is being allowed to escape into the atmosphere instead of being pumped into the engine to produce more power. That's why it sounds noisy, and also why it's not delivering the performance you're expecting.

How can I fix the Apple CarPlay in my 2020 Toyota LandCruiser Prado?

No that it's any consolation, but Toyotas have, for years, had owners complaining about the Bluetooth connectivity and clarity in some of its cars. In some cases, the dealer has been able to improve things, in others, the owner has resorted to an aftermarket head unit with better Bluetooth performance.

Toyota has been working hard on this and, to be fair, later models seem to be better than ones from a decade or so ago. Again, though, that doesn't help you, nor is it acceptable that a modern car can't nail this now basic connectivity function. The advice would be to keep on the dealer for a fix. You could also call Toyota Australia's customer service division if the dealer can't resolve the issue.

What is the maximum internal length in a Toyota Prado that can be used for loads?

It will vary according to what model Prado we're dealing with and, since Australia is now on its third generation of Prado with deliveries starting back in 1996, that's a fair range of vehicles. As a guide, however, a 2009-onwards Prado (the J150 model) has a rear floor measurement of something like 1910mm with the second row of seats folded away.

The best advice we can give you is to grab a tape measure and measure it for yourself. You'll need the tape measure anyway to measure the intended load in the first place.

My 2016 Toyota LandCruiser Prado has developed engine problems

There are probably hundreds of reasons for this to occur, starting with the fuel system and including (but not ending with) something to do with the electronics that control modern turbo-diesel engines. Other causes can be clogged EGR valves or faulty injectors. You need to have the vehicle scanned to see if the on-board computer has detected the fault and logged it. But don't rule out something simpler like a fault with the DPF or even a dirty air filter. Either way, black smoke suggests either a problem with the air-fuel mixture or the way it's being burned.

But don't ignore the problem as black smoke from a diesel engine can also mean it's running hot and that can lead to all sorts of problems including internal engine damage. Unlike a petrol engine which will tend to run cooler on a too-rich mixture (too much fuel, not enough air) a diesel running rich can easily run too hot.

White smoke is coming from the exhaust of my Toyota LandCruiser Prado diesel

White exhaust smoke in a diesel engine is usually the result of a fuel system problem. Possible causes are dirty, worn or leaking fuel-injectors, but a modern common-rail diesel fuel system is pretty complex, so a scan of the vehicle might be a good idea too.

Some owners of these modern diesels have been reporting very short injector lifespan, although some workshops seem to get good results with ultra-sonic injector cleaning. Even then, the problem can recur, and some mechanics reckon brand-new injectors are the only way to go.

Don’t rule out a problem with the engine’s internal seals, the turbocharger and the DPF system, either, as these can all contribute to smoke of various colours at various times.

I have ordered a new Toyota Prado VX. There is a six-month wait before it arrives. Should I wait for the new model or order now?

If you ordered your Prado today, the waiting time would be closer to 15 months based on reports doing the rounds. But cancelling your order for the current model and ordering the new version would probably mean an even longer wait. The global shortage of silicon chips has meant many manufacturers (Toyota among them) are having a heck of a time building enough cars fast enough. There’s no reason to suggest that an all-new model will get around this problem.

If you take the car you’ve already ordered and then want to trade up to the new version, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting rid of the first one as the second-hand market for these models is very strong (some buyers are paying more than the brand-new price for a second-hand car in some cases).

As for black, it’s actually not the best colour for resale on a four-wheel-drive. Those that live in warmer climates will know that black paint is seen as a hindrance to keeping the car cool inside. And if you do use the car off-road, the black paint is much more likely to show scratches and scuffs of the sort picked up on bush tracks and trails.

Toyota Australia ordered to pay compensation as part of class action over defective Prado, HiLux and Fortuner DPF
The members of the class action against Toyota Australia over its defective diesel particulate filter (DPF) are to be awarded payouts to cover the vehicle's drop in value.The Federal Court judgment from May 16 found in favour of the original applicant an
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How can I fix the Apple CarPlay in my Toyota Landcruiser Prado VX?

Poor Bluetooth quality and other connectivity issues have plagued Toyotas for years now. For a while there, it seemed as though Toyota might have gotten on top of the problems, but as your experience shows, clearly there are still issues.

In the first instance, you need to allow Toyota to try everything it can to make things right, including waiting on an upgrade to the Bluetooth system that will work for your car. Of course, that leaves you in the lurch in the meantime. When Toyota finally admits that they can no longer help you even though this is clearly a warranty claim, that’s when you need to call in the ACCC as, at that point, you’ve paid for something you haven’t got. Perhaps Toyota will agree to cover the cost of an aftermarket head unit (or a different brand of phone) that actually works in the Prado. In any case, something’s got to give or the vehicle is of no use (or at least limited use) to you in your line of work. Right now, there’s a class action in the USA for this exact problem. Although this legal action won’t apply to vehicles sold in Australia, it illustrates the depth of the problem. Sources also suggest Toyota has switched out some head units in US-market cars, so perhaps that will be extended to here.

It staggers me that a huge company like Toyota can’t get something as simple as Bluetooth connectivity right when pretty much every other car-maker around the world has this stuff sorted out. It’s not as though the Apple phone is an uncommon consumer choice, is it? In 2022, hands-free phone operation is a major selling point and to not have it (despite paying for it) is far from acceptable.

You have obviously taken this up with your dealer, but have you contacted Toyota’s customer service department at head office? You might make more progress going straight to the source rather than being fobbed off by a dealer.

Can you adjust the driver's seat height in a 2006 Prado GXL?

The short answer seems to be no. Back then, Toyota required you to spend up big and buy the VX version of the Prado in order to get a height-adjustable driver’s seat. It seems a bit odd that this feature was not included on lesser Prados, but at least you could adjust the height of the steering column as some form of compensation.

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