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Lamborghini Aventador vs Porsche 911

What's the difference?

Lamborghini Aventador
Lamborghini Aventador

$758,985 - $758,985

2017 price

Porsche 911
Porsche 911

$277,800 - $559,400

2024 price


2017 Lamborghini Aventador
2024 Porsche 911
Safety Rating

Engine Type
V12, 6.5L

Fuel Type
Premium Unleaded Petrol

Fuel Efficiency
16.9L/100km (combined)


  • Optional reversing camera is taking the mick
  • Low-speed ride is pretty bad
  • It's very, very low

  • Relatively modest safety
  • Short warranty
  • Harsh ride
2017 Lamborghini Aventador Summary

Lamborghini's Aventador S is the last living link to supercars of old. Wild-looking bedroom-poster material, gigantic anti-socially loud V12 that actually spits flame and the kind of performance that will rustle the jimmies of even a seasoned supercar driver.

It harks back to a time when supercars actually sucked, but it didn't matter because they were proof you had both the money and patience to nurse it into life and then wring its neck, because that was the only way it made any sense. While the Huracan is a thoroughly modern supercar, the Aventador is an unashamed, unabashed, hairy-chested, head-banging, rock ape.

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2024 Porsche 911 Summary

It's a question only a relative few have the opportunity to answer for real. How much Porsche 911 is enough?

Faced with myriad options through Carrera, Turbo and GT models, where does your satisfaction threshold lie?

Well, I've just confirmed mine with the subject of this review, the 911 Carrera T.

Closer to the entry-point to the line-up than the top shelf, it's a lightened, tweaked, yet every-day driveable version of this iconic sports car.

The 'T' stands for Touring, a designation first applied to the 911 in 1968, and experiencing a rebirth with the previous 991 series of the car, as well as the current Macan.

We spent a week exploring its form and function, so, read on to see if this could be your Porsche 911 sweet spot.

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2017 Lamborghini Aventador 2024 Porsche 911

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