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Ford Mondeo
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Ford Mondeo Pricing and Specs

2021 price from

The Ford Mondeo is available from $37,490 to $38,990 for the 2021 range of models in Hatchback and Wagon body types.

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Year Price From Price To
2021 $37,490 $38,990
2020 $26,800 $39,600
2019 $22,100 $39,270
2018 $17,400 $50,930
2017 $14,400 $29,810
2016 $12,400 $24,970
2015 $8,800 $21,670
2014 $7,200 $17,050
2013 $6,200 $14,960
2012 $5,500 $12,980
2011 $5,000 $11,880
2010 $4,100 $10,670
2009 $3,800 $9,240
2008 $3,700 $8,360
2007 $3,500 $7,920
2000 $2,400 $5,390
1999 $2,400 $4,730
1998 $2,400 $4,950
1997 $2,400 $4,950
1996 $1,250 $5,280
1995 $1,050 $4,950

Ford Mondeo FAQs

Check out real-world situations relating to the Ford Mondeo here, particularly what our experts have to say about them.

  • Which Ford Fusion is the best?

    Debuting at the 2018 New York Auto Show, Ford released details of the 2019-spec Fusion models. The pick of these are the Titanium (replacing the formerly top-of-the-range Platinum) or the V6 Sport model for those wanting some pep.

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  • Where is the Ford Fusion made and when was the first one built?

    The American mid-sized Ford Fusion sedan was introduced for the 2006 model year, with production started on 1 August, 2005 in Sonora, Mexico. The second-generation model, built on Ford's CD4-platform, is still built in Sonora, Mexico and - until 2016 - was also built in Flat Rock, Michigan, USA.

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  • What's a good mid-sized wagon to buy?

    You’re buying a used car, it’s not new, so you have to expect some wear-and-tear issues. The older the car, the greater the wear-and-tear, and the more likely it is to have suffered mechanical failures or even a crash. That means you have to thoroughly check the car before purchase, and you have to rely on the honesty of the vendor. If the car has had clutch problems it should be recorded in the service book. It’s the same with the others you’re looking at, check them thoroughly, and if you’re uncertain have an expert check them for you. Of the three others you are considering I would avoid the Passat as a potential money pit, and go for the i40 in preference to the Commodore.

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