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Ford Focus
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Ford Focus Pricing and Specs

2022 price from

The Ford Focus is available from $30,990 to $47,990 for the 2022 Hatchback across a range of models.

If you're looking for a suspect in the killing-off of the large sedan segment in Australia - beyond the obvious SUV, of course - look no further than Ford's chameleon Focus, a small car that fulfils so many briefs it should be its own car brand. Available as a sedate, $30,990 city car (Focus Active), a practical sedan (Sport), a warmed-over hatchback (ST) or a $47,990, fire-breathing performance vehicle (Focus ST-3) - and even as a wagon in some markets - the Focus wears a lot hats. Fortunately, then, it wears most of them well, and is traditionally a strong performer in Ford's Australian lineup.

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Year Price From Price To
2022 $30,990 $47,990
2021 $21,000 $47,190
2020 $16,800 $44,220
2019 $14,500 $44,550
2018 $12,500 $49,720
2017 $11,600 $47,190
2016 $10,500 $38,170
2015 $8,000 $25,740
2014 $6,200 $20,240
2013 $5,400 $18,700
2012 $4,300 $27,500
2011 $3,900 $23,980
2010 $3,100 $21,780
2009 $2,400 $14,080
2008 $2,000 $12,540
2007 $1,900 $9,020
2006 $2,100 $6,490
2005 $2,000 $5,280
2004 $2,100 $4,840
2003 $2,000 $4,620
2002 $1,900 $4,070

Ford Focus FAQs

Check out real-world situations relating to the Ford Focus here, particularly what our experts have to say about them.

  • Should I sell my 2004 Ford Focus to the wreckers?

    The problem you have with this particular make and model is that it’s really not worth very much even in good working condition. Cars like yours with engines in good condition change hands for about $3000 (sometimes less) so replacing the engine would almost certainly cost more than the car is worth. That said, if you can find a cheap second-hand engine (that’s been tested so you know it works) and you can find a workshop who can do the changeover for the right price, you might squeeze a few more years out of the car without blowing your budget sky-high. And at least then you know what you’re working with; buying another cheap second-hand car could land you in the same spot in a few months or even weeks’ time.

    That, of course, only applies if the problem with your engine is of the terminal mechanical kind. Has the engine been assessed by a mechanic? It could simply be that a new set of spark plugs will bring the car back to its old, four-cylinder self. Selling the car to a wrecking yard will only get you the vehicle’s scrap value – maybe $200 or $300 dollars. And a private buyer is unlikely to offer you any more than that on the basis of a cheap car with a blown-up engine. Meantime, the price of newer second-hand cars has gone up lately with limited supply the main problem, so maybe a quote on fixing what you have is the first step.

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  • What is the best dog-friendly car?

    If you like the idea of the Honda but don’t want such a physically large package, take a look at the Honda Jazz. Yes, it’s probably one size down from your current Focus, but its interior is very spacious for its external dimensions. It’s also the car that has probably the most versatile interior in terms of flexible seating arrangements with a rear seat that folds, slides and tumbles. It also has normal ride height (as opposed to the jacked-up stance that SUVs boast) so your dog may find it easier to jump in without hitting anything. Beyond that, you really need to visit dealerships and check for yourself that rear doors, rear seats and general layout suit your very specific canine requirements.

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  • Will a 2004 Ford Focus 2.0 manual clutch plate work in a 2009 Ford Focus?

    Although both the Ford Focus from 2004 and 2009 were both offered with a two-litre petrol engine, those engines were actually different in terms of their mechanical specification. With that in mid, it’s very unlikely that the clutch from the earlier car would be compatible with the later version. A quick search also revealed that the replacement clutch kits for each version of the Focus you’re dealing with carry a different part number which is a pretty good indication that there are differences between the two.

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