Just what is a Karoq? That was my very first question, and it's likely yours, too.

The Karoq replaces Skoda’s Yeti SUV, and everybody knows what a Yeti is. Well… sort of. But a Karoq? Not so much.

Explore the 2018 Skoda KAROQ Range

The name, by the way, comes from the merging of a Native American word for arrow ("ruq") with an Alaskan tribe's word for car ("karaaq"). Put them together, and you get Karoq.

Incidentally, everybody already knows what a Tiguan is. It’s the rather good SUV from Volkswagen, Skoda’s parent company, that competes in exactly the same bracket as the Karoq, along with a seemingly endless list of other competitors.

So, I guess the real question should be not what is a Karoq? But rather why should I consider a Skoda over a critically acclaimed SUV from its parent company?

I spent a week in the Skoda to find out.