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Despite studying ancient history and law at university, it makes sense Tom ended up writing about cars, as he spent the majority of his waking hours finding ways to drive as many as possible. His fascination with automobiles was also accompanied by an affinity for technology growing up, and he is just as comfortable tinkering with gadgets as he is behind the wheel. His time at CarsGuide has given him a nose for industry news and developments at the forefront of car technology.

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“That Mini out there isn’t electric is it?”, says one car-person relative of mine, as he admires its fetching colour scheme. I wonder how to tell him it is and, actually, it’s one of the best Minis money can buy as a result. Mini raised some eyebrows when it launched an electric version of its...Read more
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It’s fair to say hybrid cars are now a hot topic in Australia, with an explosion of models available in just the last few years. This is not only because a hybrid will significantly cut down your fuel bills, but also because of their lower emissions footprint, which brands increasingly need to sell...Read more
During the course of 2021, it felt as though electric vehicles (EVs) reached something of a turning point. Many automakers released their first next-generation offerings or expanded on their catalogue of pure EVs in their line-ups, and the cost of entry for some of the more promising examples has...Read more
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I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to live with an electric car for quite some time. While I’ve tested almost every model on the market, it’s one thing to tell people an EV should have enough range and charging convenience to live with when you only have a car for a week, and quite another to...Read more
In the now oversaturated mainstream small SUV market, there seems to be one particularly poorly filled niche, the sporty SUV. While there are world-famous hot hatches with decades of pedigree, it seems only just now are manufacturers exploring the bounds of what consumers are willing to ask from an...Read more
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