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Tom White

Tom White


Despite studying ancient history and law at university, it makes sense Tom ended up writing about cars, as he spent the majority of his waking hours finding ways to drive an array of them, from the mundane to the exotic. He then figured out he could be paid to do that and write about the experience. He also has an interest in gadgetry and IT which means much of his time at family BBQs is spent handing out non-billable advice. Tom doesn’t like his cars too stiff and punishing and has daily driven some weird wheels, ranging from the iconic Fiat 500 to the humble Holden Gemini. If he hadn’t become so attached to his FG Falcon he swears he’d own something with a little more flair again.

Subaru’s XV is essentially the brand’s Impreza hatch with lifted suspension and some minor changes to styling and specifications. It’s a natural fit in the brand’s line-up alongside lifted wagons like the Forester and Outback, and lines up directly with competitors like the Mitsubishi ASX and Honda...Read more

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It’s safe to say that my little family of two is in the target market for Hyundai’s Veloster. Young salaried professionals at a life stage where they could perhaps be considering their first brand new vehicle, with no family extension plans, at least for the time being. My partner, incidentally, is...Read more

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