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Tom White

Senior Journalist

Despite studying ancient history and law at university, it makes sense Tom ended up writing about cars, as he spent the majority of his waking hours finding ways to drive as many as possible. His fascination with automobiles was also accompanied by an affinity for technology growing up, and he is just as comfortable tinkering with gadgets as he is behind the wheel. His time at CarsGuide has given him a nose for industry news and developments at the forefront of car technology.

Subaru is a brand that has managed to stay consistently unique throughout its history. Unlike some rivals which have frequently changed up their core nameplates and adopted an array of technologies in the process, for the longest time Subaru has managed to stay the course with its signature 'flat'...Read more
Ford's fully electric Mustang Mach-E is a daring proposition. It's a reboot of not only the Mustang brand, but also the future direction of Ford. It's a symbolic vehicle, then, but if you put all of that to one side, what is it actually like to live with? Is the future of Ford one worth caring...Read more
For over thirty years, the Subaru Impreza has been an icon on Australian roads. If you’re a member of the ‘PlayStation generation’ like me, there’s a very good chance you slapped P plates on one as your first car. For Subaru, though, the Impreza is more than that. Along with its WRX performance...Read more

LDV made history when it launched Australia’s first fully electric dual...Read more

Rivian has released a short teaser video with a single direct front-on...Read more

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What's the best vehicle to electrify? If you said your hatchback or small SUV at home, you might be wrong. You see, while you were doing your 30-40km daily average commute, a delivery or small business van like the ones in LDV's range do more like 150km a day, and it's a segment pretty much...Read more
You know that feeling of regret when you buy a cheap version of an expensive thing only to discover you really should’ve splurged extra on the known brand-name version of that thing instead. A fear of this feeling can apply to anything from items as relatively affordable as clothing to larger...Read more

The Toyota Century has existed since 1967 as the pinnacle of the brand’...Read more

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