And you thought Yeti was a weird name for a car. This is the 2018 Skoda Karoq, which is essentially a replacement for the old oddball Yeti small SUV.

If you believe Skoda’s marketing campaign, this car was named by the people of Kodiak, Alaska - yeah, the same place the brand drew inspiration from for its larger Kodiaq SUV.  

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The spiel goes that Skoda asked Kodiakans to come up with the name for the new smaller sibling to the Kodiaq - and apparently, names like 'Chinook', 'Grizz' and 'Icebug' were in the mix. But Karoq was what won out, blending the word Ruq - a tribal name for an arrow, like on the Skoda badge - with Karaaq, an Alaskan tribal name for a car.

Enough about the name. What is the Karoq all about? And is it any good?