For some people - I like to call them sexy, intelligent and widely beloved - Porsche's 911 is the ultimate car.

It provides pretty much all the driving joy of supercars twice the price, with none of the associated wankery.

In today's Porsche dealership - a cruel place to visit if you know you'll never be able to afford one - you'll find many 911s to choose from, from the base Carrera to the stupidly sharp GT3 race-car for the road to the stratospherically expensive 911 Turbo.

The latest 911 to come to market, though, is what those clever, sexy people who think like me would identify as the best of the bunch. The GTS, a slightly more powerful, certainly more pretty beefed-up version of the Carrera S that hits the 911 sweet spot like a perfectly played tennis forehand.

I must admit the older, 997 version of the 911 GTS is probably my personal favourite car of all time, and I'm pretty sure I won't love this newest one quite as much.