Mazda has done a top job of capturing the minds of Australia's car buyers with its strong 'Kodo' design language.

It's a genius move. Everything from an almost $70,000 top-spec CX-9 to this car, the sub-$20k Mazda2 - the cheapest vehicle Mazda sells - share a familiar face, delicate bodywork and classy trim.

Look closely, though, and there are some chinks in this little car's attractive armour. What should be a fleet-special appears to flounder in the face of the Hyundai Accent, a car so old it's about to be de-commissioned.

So, are the fleets on to something? Even at this bargain-basement price, is the Mazda2 Neo a tall order? A bait and switch, if you will, for the apparent crowd favourite - the up-specced Maxx.

Stick with me, and we'll find out.