What does 'Sport' or 'GT' or 'RS' even really mean anymore?

It used to mean legitimate go-fast aspirations. Famous warmed-over or properly red-hot versions of Japanese and European sedans of days past have worn those badges or similar.

But there's nothing like a global financial downturn to change all that. Now your GTs and RSs and Sports are all about the small luxuries. Leather seats, a big media screen, a sunroof.

Oh, and don't forget the body kit. You'll need one to remind people of what could have been.

Enter Korea. Thanks to something economists refer to as the “miracle on the Han River” the southern portion of the peninsula is flush with cash and they're keen beat some of the world's most established automakers at their own game.

Makes sense then, that it can afford to take a risk on a car like this, the Elantra Sport, which not only wears the badge and the body kit, but has a little spice to justify it, too.