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Best cars at Australian Motor Show

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Loved the yellow Hummer, I just want one !

The Subaru Tribeca seems an awesome car. Look at its list of standard features for $53000 - leaves an X5 or Territory for dead. OK, the front grille takes a bit of getting used to, power could be up a bit for its weight, but you do get all the usual Subie delights, 5 star safety and quality. Definitely worth a test drive on November 25!

Mercedes e280cdei definatly the best

The absolute standout was the new BMW 3 series coupe. Can't believe no one else has mentioned it. What a sexy car! Looks much better in the metal than in photos...

David Rome
The Mazda CX7 is very fresh and the new BT-50 ute looks the goods to take some sales

Volvo C70 What a Glamour!!

the engineer
Mitsubishi TRM 380- bring it on in AWD! Would sell double current! Should have been the original 380 GT.

Audi R8 ;-)

Captiva <8>-(

French Body Art 8-)

Bob Rona
Gotta Be the Lexus RX 350 Sports Luxury!!

The Saab Aero X concept car looks extraordinary. I was pretty impressed with the XR5 Turbo Ford Focus - hopefully if they bring it out in diesel, there would be a lot more interest and sales

David Lunn
Mazda CX7

The Mitsui 380 supercharged - grabbed allot of attention (so did the girls in the red dresses); I also like the new Outlander V6 & Astra convertible (or at least my wife did).

Lex Biggar
Audi R8

william yates
dark 4 door mitsi I believe it's a Tommy Mac serise and also shannon's stand the rest well............

I must agree with Bob MX-S ROADSTER COUPE The best by far!

Until I hit the Mitsubishi stand the show was a let down for me. Thank you to the Mitsubishi Girls for making the show worthwhile.

Definetely the Honda Legend & the Audi RX8.

need this so i could have this to have it better then i wont be a laughting stock

Definitely the Mitsubishi TRM 380 - because I might be able to afford it and it looks great. Can't wait to test drive it.

David Lyons
Peugeot 207

HSV GTS is my current realistic dream car


Audi R8 looked absolutely brilliant, that will be a real winner when it lands here. The Audi TT also looked really neat.

Other cars to impress were the Volvo C30 and Suzuki SX4 WRC prototype.

wazza smith

The Convertible Ford Focus. I simply love it. The new Fairmont Ghia was nice too.

I did not like the Camry V6 sorry Avalon, sorry again, Aurion.

Now I have gone and twisted my tongue. Anyone know a good tongue doctor <8>-). .... At least I can still type.

The Volvo C30 was nice too as was the Land Rover Discovery.

The Holden Commodores looked pretty decent although the Captiva did not captivate.

Its too tall and skinny. I saw one in a shopping centre car park right next to a Territory and boy did it look like it needed some widening.

I was also quite impressed with the Audi R8.

The Hummer reminded me too much of the war in Iraq (I am against senseless wars). I also thought the Citroens were cool.

Sean Hickey
HSV GTS a true sports car at third of the price.I enjoyed the show,love to dream but quite a few people could get a GTS

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