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Volkswagen Transporter Problems

Are you having problems with your Volkswagen Transporter? Let our team of motoring experts keep you up to date with all of the latest Volkswagen Transporter issues & faults. We have gathered all of the most frequently asked questions and problems relating to the Volkswagen Transporter in one spot to help you decide if it's a smart buy.

I am looking for a used van... do you have any recommendations?

Rather than concentrate on a particular brand, the best advice is to find a vehicle with a full service history and signs that it has lived an easy life. Too often, commercial vehicles like vans are bought by their first owner and used and abused. They鈥檙e nearly always purchased with a job in mind, and that job can often wreck them or at least shorten their lives.

Sometimes, the down-time associated with proper servicing means that maintenance is skipped, other times the sheer weight of the cargo being carried puts a lot of strain on mechanical components. A van that has been used by, say, a pool chemical company might have been exposed to highly corrosive chemicals every day of its life and could be hiding lots of rust. Even a florist鈥檚 van might have every nook and cranny filled with potting mix, waiting to become damp and start the rusting process.

Another good idea is to buy a van that has already been converted to a camper. This conversion is not an inexpensive process, so letting the previous owner spend the money is a terrific concept. Keep an eye on the classifieds for a van that has done a tour of duty with a grey nomad or van-lifer, and is now up for sale as the owner moves on to something new.

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Which big family cars do you recommend?

I don鈥檛 believe there鈥檚 an SUV that would meet your needs. The best and most sensible solution would be a peoplemover, like a Toyota Tarago, Hyundai iMax, VW Transporter.

No help from VW

Most manufacturers have what they call "Filled for Life" transmissions, but they can still be serviced. Like you we believe VW should be more transparent when it comes to problems instead of adopting a head-in-the-sand approach, as they appear to do when confronted with a problem.

VW Transporter stops and stalls

Check the catalytic converter to make sure it hasn鈥檛 collapsed internally and is blocking the exhaust flow.

Ask Smithy Xtra VW Transporter to LPG

The Transporter can be converted economically and successfully with the traditional mixer technology, which is cheaper than the current injection technology and that equates to a reduced breakeven mileage. Before you convert, however, you should make sure the vehicle is in good working order and you need to understand how long you will need to own and drive the vehicle to get your money back.

VW Transporter cutting out

I don't believe the problem is related to the engine itself, instead I would be looking at the fuel and electrical systems.

VW Transporter can't handle weight

I would start by discussing your problem with your dealer and request the help of VW鈥檚 commercial vehicles experts to come up with a solution. But it seems as though you have bought the wrong vehicle, and maybe need to move up to a Crafter to get the load carrying capacity for the job at hand.

Dipstick on diesel

It should have a dipstick to check the engine oil; it should be identified by an orange knob. But it doesn't have a dipstick to check the auto trans fluid, the trans is a filled to life at the factory, and theoretically doesn't need changing. What that means is beyond me, as "life" could mean anything. Like you I like to keep track of oil levels and oil condition and I would be changing the trans fluid on a regular basis.

Ask Smithy Xtra T5 auto issues

You didn鈥檛 tell us how many kays your T5 had done prior to the rebuild, but because you used the extended warranty I can assume the factory warranty had expired. VW, like all carmakers, will refuse to cover any car that has been worked on outside the dealer network, which is understandable given they have no control over the quality of that work or the competence of the person doing it. It鈥檚 perhaps also worth considering having the auto serviced once it鈥檚 clocked up 100,000 km-plus; a change of oil can work wonders for the life of an auto trans.

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