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MY16-18 Land Rovers and MY03 Volkswagen variants recalled

Land Rovers could be belching out too much CO2, while VWs could have a fatal airbag flaw.

Jaguar Land Rover has recalled examples of its Discovery Sport, Range Rover Evoque, Velar and Sport range sold between 2016 and 2018, while Volkswagen has recalled Golfs, Passats and Transporters sold in 2003.

Volkswagen says it has recalled the vehicles due to a potential airbag failure. In certain conditions, the airbag inflator may degrade over a long period of time, causing it to "deploy with too much force" in the event of a collision. The resulting increased force could also cause shrapnel to shoot out along with the airbag.

Although this sounds similar to vehicles affected by the massive Takata airbag recall, VW Australia has confirmed it is not the same problem.

The problem affects Transporter, Golf and Passat models from 2003. The problem affects Transporter, Golf and Passat models from 2003.

The fault is potentially fatal and affects vehicles sold nation-wide. The impact is limited to just 132 vehicles and you can check if your vehicle is on the list of VINs at the ACCC's Product Safety portal here.

Meanwhile, the aforementioned Land Rover products have been recalled due to a potential violation of emissions standards. The brand says "during testing there was a greater than expected variation in CO2 emissions."

The fault affects 953 vehicles with with 2.0L petrol engines sold nationally. If you think your vehicle could be one of them check the VIN list on the Product Safety portal here.

Vehicles affected by the recall can be booked in for a service at any Land Rover dealer, no parts are required to be changed, the fault can be remedied with a software update.

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