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Which big family cars do you recommend?

I have a family of five and my children are tall. I want to buy a two or three-year-old SUV or bigger car to fit seven people, as we occasionally have extra people to take with us. I need a car that has room for tall adults in all seats including the back. Any suggestions? Most SUVs have seats in the back for small children. I am thinking that the Pajero or Prado may be the best? All of the recommended popular SUVs do not fit my children in the back row! I am also thinking of looking at the Tarago as it is a smaller van, but I am hesitant to get a bigger van.

I don’t believe there’s an SUV that would meet your needs. The best and most sensible solution would be a peoplemover, like a Toyota Tarago, Hyundai iMax, VW Transporter.