Volkswagen Golf 2012 Problems

No car is perfect, but we've gathered everything relating to the Volkswagen Golf 2012 reliability here to help you decide if it's a smart buy.

Volkswagen Golf 2012: Repair costs

Answered by CarsGuide 29 Nov 2019

If it’s a dual-mass flywheel, then $2000 doesn’t sound excessive, but to be sure phone around a few VW dealers and get their process.

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Volkswagen Golf 2012: Is it worth replacing the engine?

Answered by CarsGuide 6 Sep 2019

It’s unlikely to have any effect on the value at all. Some people could be scared off by a 2012 Golf, given its history of engine and transmission problems, while others might consider a new engine a bonus without wanting to pay any more for it.


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Is there a wagon you would recommend under $10,000?

Answered by CarsGuide 17 Aug 2018

The VW dual-clutch automatic was troublesome in the period you are considering, so it’s probably best to avoid it, or buy one with a manual gearbox. Rather than a wagon perhaps consider a compact SUV.

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Volkswagen Golf 2012: Engine failure

Answered by CarsGuide 12 Aug 2016

It is increasingly normal and many dealers are asking to be paid up front before doing any diagnostic work. I don't agree with the practice, I think they should do the work before charging for it. The diagnostic work has to be done to determine what has caused the engine problem, so there's no getting around it.

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Volkswagen Golf: Servicing problems

Answered by CarsGuide 24 Jun 2016

It's easy to be cynical about the car industry, when it always seen to find new ways of getting money out of owners. So-called diagnostic checks do seem to be a way of charging for work that should be done by the dealership in the normal course of events when trying to find out what is wrong with a car that is playing up. They do appear to be the new norm in the industry. As for your resolutions regarding VW, I couldn't agree more.

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Golf transmission issues

Answered by CarsGuide 25 Dec 2015

You've managed to shake VW out of its natural lethargy and agree there is a problem and to do something about it. The explanation of a problem with the synchro sounds logical and should be pursued. I would go along with what VW has suggested, but keep on top of them to make sure they do what they have said they would do. As you have been reporting it for some time I would expect it to be fixed without cost to you.

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Overcharged for Golf parts?

Answered by CarsGuide 27 Nov 2015

Approach the dealer and ask to see the parts they removed from your car, and ask them to justify the cost of the parts they've charged you for. On the face of it the cost does seem excessive, but without the full list it's hard to be definitive.

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Volkswagen fix revealed for Australia

Volkswagen fix revealed for Australia

26 Nov 2015 · by Joshua Dowling

US owners of VW cars with diesel engines that can cheat emissions tests have already been given $500, but local owners still have no compensation.

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Continually troublesome Golf

Answered by CarsGuide 9 Oct 2015

The dealer appears to be reasonable and seems to be trying to fix it, even though you have doubts about what he is doing. Because of the history the dealer can't reasonably walk away from his responsibility, so you're on pretty safe grounds. But given that the warranty is about to expire I would sit down and talk to the dealer about what he would be prepared to do on an on-going basis if the car continues to give trouble.

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