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Nissan Patrol
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Nissan Patrol Pricing and Specs

2021 price from

The Nissan Patrol is available from $77,760 to $93,365 for the 2021 SUV across a range of models.

The days of Nissan’s Patrol 4WD being a rough-and-ready bush basher are long behind it, but despite the fact it’s now more tech-savvy and comfortable than ever before, there are few seven-seat SUVs quite as capable as the big Patrol. It's built for the USA and the Middle East, so it’s a petrol-only proposition (diesel is still hugely unpopular in some parts of the world), but it is huge, comfortable and always well-equipped. And it can take you from the city to the top of a mountain, and there aren’t many that can claim the same.

The Patrol Ti (4x4) starts off at $77,760, while the range-topping, Patrol Ti-L (4x4) is priced at $93,365.

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Year Price From Price To
2021 $77,760 $93,365
2020 $66,500 $97,240
2019 $54,500 $94,160
2018 $51,400 $80,300
2017 $27,300 $75,460
2016 $26,100 $69,520
2015 $24,200 $65,120
2014 $19,200 $53,020
2013 $17,700 $46,750
2012 $14,800 $38,060
2011 $12,200 $34,870
2010 $11,000 $31,680
2009 $9,600 $25,960
2008 $8,200 $23,430
2007 $6,700 $45,100
2006 $6,000 $43,670
2005 $5,500 $42,240
2004 $5,100 $40,810
2003 $6,400 $37,070
2002 $6,100 $29,370
2001 $5,800 $28,160
2000 $5,800 $23,210
1999 $6,000 $18,590
1998 $6,000 $12,650
1997 $3,700 $11,330
1996 $3,700 $11,330
1995 $3,700 $11,330
1994 $3,700 $11,330
1993 $3,700 $11,330
1992 $3,400 $11,330
1991 $2,900 $11,110
1990 $2,800 $11,110
1989 $2,800 $11,110
1988 $2,800 $11,110
1987 $2,400 $8,800
1986 $2,400 $8,800
1985 $2,400 $8,800
1984 $2,400 $8,800
1983 $2,400 $4,730
1982 $2,400 $4,730
1981 $2,400 $6,160
1980 $2,400 $6,050

Nissan Patrol FAQs

Check out real-world situations relating to the Nissan Patrol here, particularly what our experts have to say about them.

  • What is the best second-hand model of the Nissan Patrol?

    While the later Y62 Nissan Patrol was petrol V8 only (and a thirsty one at that) it’s also way out of your budget. Go back in time to the old faithful GQ model, and you’re going too far back, as these are now quite old vehicles. Which leaves you with the GU model which fits within your budget but is still new enough to be around in good numbers and in good condition.

    Within that GU model-window, the version I’d recommend is the earlier 4.2-litre turbo-diesel model built from 1997 to 2007. While there were other turbo-diesel engines offered in the GU, they were problematic, especially compared with the tough 4.2-litre unit. There was also large-capacity six-cylinder petrol engine, but that has a monstrous thirst as well. Given that you want to tow a camper and do some off-roading, the extra range and fuel efficiency of the turbo-diesel will be a bonus.

    The only catch is that this engine was only ever tied to a five-speed manual gearbox, and if you want an automatic, you need to look elsewhere.

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  • Nissan Patrol 2006: Is it worth buying?

    The vast majority of Nissan Patrols from 2006 have covered a lot more than 172,000km, so that’s definitely one thing in the vehicle’s favour. These seem to be a pretty good thing over time and kilometres as well, but there are still a few things to be wary of. The first of those is how the vehicle has actually been used in the past. Has it been used extensively off-road? Climb underneath and check for damage caused by rocks and try to gauge how hard a life the Patrol has had.

    The other thing to bear in mind is that there were two diesel engines offered in this model. The biggest, a 4.2-litre turbo-diesel is a pretty good thing and tough enough to survive. The smaller unit, though, a three-litre four-cylinder turbo-diesel doesn’t enjoy the same reputation for reliability and longevity. In fact, the smaller diesel is notorious for suffering an incorrect air-fuel mixture and/or turbo-boost spikes which can smash the pistons to bits. At which point the whole engine is junk. Should this happen, you might find that the cost of repairs is more than the actual value of the whole vehicle.

    So that’s the bottom line: If the engine is a six-cylinder, it’s probably worth a punt if it’s cheap enough. If the engine is a four-cylinder, you might be wise to look for an expert on these engines to examine it and give a recommendation in person.

    This model Patrol was also entangled in the Takata air-bag fiasco, so make sure the air-bags have been checked and replaced if necessary before driving it anywhere.

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  • Nissan Patrol 2006: How much is it worth?

    That’s an awful lot of money for a 2006 Nissan Patrol, Heather, but there are a couple of mitigating factors. The first is the incredibly low mileage and if there’s a GU Patrol out there with fewer kilometres showing, then I’d be a bit surprised.

    The second thing in the car’s favour is that it has the mighty 4.8-litre petrol six-cylinder engine which is one of the best towing engines ever made for a passenger vehicle. A Patrol with that engine will always find a buyer even if, at $18,000, it’s right at the top of the price ladder. Then again, given that it represents more or less a brand-new 2006 Patrol (and this model was a cool $80,000 on the road back in the day) maybe $18,000 is a steal. Depends on how you look at it.

    The only caveat is that it will use lots and lots of fuel and double that amount if you tow a caravan with it.

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