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2011 Nissan Patrol
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2011 Nissan Patrol Pricing and Specs

Price Guide

The Nissan Patrol 2011 prices range from $14,500 for the basic trim level SUV Patrol DX (4X4) to $41,999 for the top of the range SUV Patrol ST (4X4).

The Nissan Patrol 2011 comes in SUV and Ute.

The Nissan Patrol 2011 is available in Diesel and Regular Unleaded Petrol.

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Nissan Patrol Models SPECS PRICE
DX (4X4) 3.0LDiesel4 speed automatic $15,200 – 21,450
DX (4X4) 3.0LDiesel5 speed manual $12,800 – 18,480
ST (4X4) 3.0LDiesel4 speed automatic $18,600 – 25,960
ST (4X4) 3.0LDiesel5 speed manual $17,700 – 24,640
ST (4X4) 4.8LRegular Unleaded Petrol5 speed $17,200 – 23,980
Ti (4x4) 3.0LDiesel4 speed automatic $22,200 – 30,140
Ti (4x4) 3.0LDiesel5 speed manual $21,200 – 28,820
Ti (4x4) 4.8LRegular Unleaded Petrol5 speed $26,300 – 34,870


Nissan Patrol Models SPECS PRICE
DX (4X4) 3.0LDiesel5 speed manual $15,900 – 22,110
ST (4X4) 3.0LDiesel5 speed manual $14,800 – 20,900

Nissan Patrol 2011 FAQs

Check out real-world situations relating to the Nissan Patrol 2011 here, particularly what our experts have to say about them.

  • Nissan Patrol: Does two-stroke engine oil reduce engine noise?

    I wouldn't do it, there's no justification for it. Some people might think there's a benefit in added lubrication of the valve train etc, but that's unlikely as diesel fuel does have some lubrication properties anyway. You might clog up the catalytic converter if you did run it on 2-stroke fuel, and it's likely to result in more exhaust smoke.

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  • Nissan Patrol 2011: Poor power in 2nd gear

    The solution has to come from Nissan, so that's where you need to direct your concerns. I would seek a meeting with the dealer and express your concerns directly to the service manager, and request that a Nissan factory rep drive your car. Go along on the ride as well. The fact that your car is using more fuel than it should suggests that it is down on power.

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  • Nissan Patrol 2011: Poor towing performance

    From what you say it would appear the engine output is below what it should be, and the high fuel consumption would seem to reflect that. The output should be 118 kW at 3200 rpm and 380 Nm at 2000 rpm. Persist with the dealer, and Nissan, the company has a responsibility to fix your car. Your idea of having a Nissan rep ride with you as you demonstrate the problem is a good one.

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