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Holden Calais
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Holden Calais Pricing and Specs

2020 price from

The Holden Calais is available from $31,400 to $54,230 for the 2020 range of models in Hatchback and Wagon body types.

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Insurance Quote
Year Price From Price To
2020 $31,400 $54,230
2019 $20,600 $47,080
2018 $17,100 $35,090
2017 $17,500 $60,720
2016 $16,100 $37,730
2015 $14,600 $35,310
2014 $13,500 $27,060
2013 $8,400 $24,640
2012 $8,000 $19,250
2011 $8,400 $19,250
2010 $6,200 $19,030
2009 $5,800 $17,930
2008 $5,600 $17,710
2007 $5,600 $13,750
2006 $5,300 $13,310
2005 $5,000 $9,790
2004 $4,500 $9,130
2003 $4,600 $8,580
2002 $4,600 $8,250
2001 $4,600 $8,140
2000 $4,400 $7,920
1999 $4,000 $7,700
1998 $4,000 $7,150
1997 $3,900 $7,150
1996 $3,800 $6,600
1995 $3,500 $6,490
1994 $3,500 $5,940
1993 $3,000 $5,940
1992 $2,900 $5,280
1991 $2,900 $5,280
1990 $2,800 $4,950
1989 $2,700 $4,840
1988 $2,400 $4,840
1987 $2,400 $4,180
1986 $2,200 $4,180
1985 $2,200 $4,070
1984 $2,400 $4,070

Holden Calais FAQs

Check out real-world situations relating to the Holden Calais here, particularly what our experts have to say about them.

  • Holden Calais 2010: Is the engine worth replacing?

    The bad news, Andrea, is that your car is probably worth between $8000 and $11,000 and maybe even less as a trade-in. Certainly that figure will be less if you don’t fix the engine problem, so that’s your starting point for working out the mathematics of your situation.

    The one thing you haven’t told me is whether the car is a V8 or a six-cylinder car. If it’s a V8, I reckon you’d be spot on the money with a lifter, rocker or valve-spring problem as these engines were notorious for these components wearing out in roughly the mileage you’ve noted (sometimes less). The good news is that it’s not a terribly involved or costly (relatively) fix.

    If, however, the car is a V6, then you might be in a bit deeper. These engines were even more notorious for stretching their timing chains and that can lead to all sorts of engine noises as well as a check-engine light illuminating on the dashboard. This is a bigger, more expensive fix, too, and since a V6 Calais will be worth less in the first place, it might be better to simply replace the whole engine. There’s also the very strong possibility that the cost of repairs will simply not stack up against the value of the car.

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  • Holden Calais 2008: Does the timing belt need to be replaced?

    I think there’s a bit of confusion sneaking in here. Your Calais doesn’t have a timing belt, its engine is fitted with a timing chain instead. However, if it’s a V6 engine, then there’s every chance the timing chain does need to be replaced.

    This seems counter to conventional wisdom where a timing chain should last the entire life of the car. But in the case of the particular V6 we’re talking about, the chain was definitely a weak point and lots of Calais and Commodores have needed replacement chains. That was particularly true if the engine received less routine maintenance than the handbook stipulated.

    The first sign can be a rattle when the engine is started; sometimes you’ll get a check-engine light on the dashboard because the chain has stretched sufficiently to allow the camshafts and the crankshaft to become out of phase with each other. Either way, it’s new-chain time and you can expect to pay something like $2000 to have the job done, possibly more.

    Most workshops will be able to carry out this work and, when it comes to finding a local garage, word of mouth from friends and family is usually a good way to proceed.

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  • Do I need windscreen replacement coverage?

    If you happen to damage a windscreen you’ll have to use a genuine replacement ’screen. It can be fitted by a windscreen service, but if it needs to be calibrated they would have to send the car to a Holden dealer for that to happen. If you go ahead and buy the Calais make sure you’ve got windscreen replacement coverage on your insurance policy.

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