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Ford Focus 2003 Problems

Are you having problems with your 2003 Ford Focus? Let our team of motoring experts keep you up to date with all of the latest 2003 Ford Focus issues & faults. We have gathered all of the most frequently asked questions and problems relating to the 2003 Ford Focus in one spot to help you decide if it's a smart buy.

Will parts from a 2007 Ford Focus interchange with my 2003 Ford Focus SE?

You鈥檙e talking about two distinct models of the Ford Focus, so if there鈥檚 any interchangeability it won鈥檛 be much. Perhaps there would be some mechanical parts in terms of the engine, but the 2007 model was a physically larger can than the original (2003) so even things like the suspension units and brakes are unlikely to be interchangeable.

As for body panels and interior fittings, I doubt there鈥檇 be any interchangeability at all. The later car had different panels and the interiors were also completely different. Changes to styling also mean that headlights, tail-lights, glass and even detail things like door handles would not be interchangeable.

On my 2003 Ford Focus the rev counter, speedometer and temperature gauges only work on and off...

Our first suspicion would be a bad earth somewhere on the vehicle. Dashboard faults are very often the result of a poor earth contact and the symptoms you describe are spot on for that very problem. So go around the car and check all the earthing points form the battery to the body of the car.

You could also be dealing with a broken solder in part of the circuit-board that controls the dashboard, too. A good auto electrician will be able to test the circuit for breaks and bad solders and repair them quite cheaply. Ultimately, though, the cost of this repair will be determined by how much of the car has to be disassembled to remove the circuit-board.

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Ford Focus 2003: Power loss

It sounds very much like fuel vaporization, which suggests the fuel is getting too hot at some point in the system. If you could get someone to fit a fuel pressure gauge to the car you could monitor the pressure and it if's fuel vaporization as I suspect you should see the pressure drop away when the problem occurs. The source of the problem could be in the fuel tank itself, the lines between the tank and the engine, or in the engine bay. Look for any location where the fuel system comes close to a heat source, such as the exhaust system.

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Ford Focus clutch issues

I'm not sure what you would complain about, unless you're concerned that the dealer might not have changed the oil at the service, or hadn't refilled it after draining it, but if that were the case the engine would have stopped a long time ago. If it has been running without oil, or with too little oil, it would cause severe internal damage, and do it very quickly, but if that was the case you should had warning that the oil level was too low. What you should do is have it checked. Engines lose oil through burning in the engine or by leakage, and you need to find out which it is in your case.

Ask Smithy Xtra Fix water in Ford Focus fuel

You say the car is now running well, so it would seem that by draining the fuel tank and replacing the filter the mechanic fixed the problem. You can connect the charcoal canister, it鈥檚 there to collect the fuel vapour from the tank so it鈥檚 no released into the atmosphere; the accumulated vapour is then burnt in the engine, so it鈥檚 safe to reconnect it.

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