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The front passenger tyre on my 2006 Ford Focus fell off. Are the axles on the 2002 and 2006 Ford Focus interchangeable?

Answered by CarsGuide 10 Dec 2021

Not really sure what the axles have to do with a tyre that has jumped ship, but perhaps you mean the whole front wheel and tyre assembly came adrift. If so, you’re lucky not to have crashed or hurt yourself or somebody else. If this was caused by a broken axle (also called a driveshaft) then perhaps that’s the basis of your question.

However, the answer is probably no; the driveshafts from a 2002 and 2006 Focus are unlikely to be interchangeable. Even though the engines and gearboxes form each of these two Focus models were similar, the later car was 141mm wider, which almost certainly means it had longer driveshafts than the earlier car. But if a replacement driveshaft is what you need to get back on the road, I wouldn’t have thought finding one from a 2006 Focus (the same as yours) would be such a problem. Parts recyclers are likely to have plenty of these cars in stock, and specialist driveshaft shops can be a great source of spare parts also.

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Can I use a 2001 Ford Focus motor in my 2002 Ford Focus?

Answered by CarsGuide 26 Feb 2021

The Ford Focus wasn’t released into Australia until late 2002, so it’s very unlikely you have a 2001 model unless it’s been privately imported. At which point, all bets are off in this regard as different markets had different models which may or may not be swappable.

But if the two cars are the same model of Focus and aren’t either side of an upgrade, facelift or model change AND provided they used the same engine from the factory (1.8 litre or 2.0 litre) then you should be able to repower one with the other’s engine. The problems would start if one was a 1.8 and the other a 2.0 when you might find that wiring looms, computer software, sensors and even engine mounts might differ from each other, making the swap much harder than it should be. Don’t forget to inform your insurance company and your local registration authorities of the change of engine number.

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Would a 2004 Ford Focus sedan windshield fit in 2002 Ford Focus hatchback?

Answered by CarsGuide 11 Sep 2020

That’s a very interesting question and one that my instinct suggested would be a yes. That’s because the Focus from those two model-years was based on the same platform and that the differences between the sedan and hatchback variants were all from the A-pillar back. And so it is. I checked with a major windscreen replacement network and, yes, the two vehicles have a windscreen with exactly the same part number. So you should be good to go.

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Vibrating steering wheel on Focus

Answered by CarsGuide 25 Nov 2010

While the crash might have seemed minor the damage could have been more substantial than you think, that they changed the timing belt   would seem to suggest there was some significant damage to the car and that's where I would start investigating. I would suggest you   contact an experienced assessor like Graeme Cuthbert on 0422 444 335 and have them inspect the car and the repairs.

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Timing so critical

Answered by CarsGuide 6 Sep 2007

SOME carmakers stipulate a belt change at 90,000km, but it isn't unusual for the recommended interval to be 150,000km. Ford's service schedule is 150,000km or 10 years, whichever comes first. I see no reason not to follow that.

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Steer crazy

Answered by CarsGuide 10 Nov 2006

WE CONTACTED Ford on your behalf and it said that, after consulting your dealer, it would cover the full cost of replacing the steering column. Ford said it was the first it had heard of such a problem with the Focus and would refer the problem to its European counterpart for investigation.

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