Ford Focus 2015 Problems

No car is perfect, but we've gathered everything relating to the Ford Focus 2015 reliability here to help you decide if it's a smart buy.

Ford Focus 2015: How reliable is it compared to competitors?

Answered by CarsGuide 28 Sep 2018

Ford changed from the LW model to the LZ in 2015. The LW had a dual-clutch automatic, which was very problematic and should be avoided; the later LZ had a regular automatic transmission and has none of the problems that beset the LW. In short the LZ is worth buying, and can be compared to the Mazda3 and Toyota Corolla for reliability.


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Conventional auto Focus best?

Answered by CarsGuide 11 Dec 2015

Certainly. The Focus is a great driving car, and now with a regular auto it is a really attractive proposition.

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Ford Focus vs Kia Cerato

Answered by CarsGuide 23 Nov 2015

The Cerato is a great package. If she is a keen driver who wants the sporty feel of the Focus, go with the Ford.

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Refund wanted on Fiesta

Answered by CarsGuide 9 Oct 2015

I can understand your frustration and I think you have a good case for getting a refund, but it's very hard to do that in this country where the manufacturer holds all the cards. The only thing you can do if you want to pursue it is to get legal advice. We understand there is a class-action suit happening in the USA on this same subject, you might be able to hook up with that.

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What's a good small car for $20,000?

Answered by CarsGuide 21 Aug 2015

Of those you have been looking at I would rule out the Cruze on the basis of its transmission troubles. The Focus and the Hyundai are good cars and would do what you want nicely. Others to consider would be the Mazda3 and the Kia Rio.

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What should I buy: Golf GTI or Focus ST

Answered by CarsGuide 30 Mar 2015

The Golf is a better, classier car, but the latest Golf does not have the sharp edge of the previous GTI. So I agree the Focus is the smart choice.

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Hatches around $10-15K

Answered by CarsGuide 2 Feb 2015

With that budget you'll be buying second-hand in that class, and that makes the Hyundai i30 the best choice with plenty of warranty still to run. We do not recommend the Golf after the factory warranty. A turbodiesel gets better economy but you need to drive 30,000 kilometres a year for the total cost to beat a petrol car.

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