Ford Focus 2014 Problems

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I need a new front driver's door for my 2014 Ford Focus, will a 2012 or 2016 Ford Focus door work?

Answered by CarsGuide 3 Dec 2021

Ford used the same body on its Focus from 2011 until the model was replaced in 2018. On that basis, the front door from either of the cars you’ve listed should fit your car perfectly. You don’t even need to worry about finding a door from a sedan or hatch as opposed to a two-door Focus, as Ford didn’t offer that model in Australia in a two or three-door (which would have had longer doors). Even the sportiest Focus, the ST, was a five-door hatchback. Ford did give the Focus a mild facelift in 2015, but the styling changes were restricted to the front and rear, with the doors not altering at all.

Finding a second-hand door shouldn’t present too many problems the Focus sold in reasonable numbers and many ended up in recycling yards. You might even strike it really lucky and find the door in the same colour as your car which might negate the need to have it painted.

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What octane rating fuel should I be using in my 2014 Ford Focus?

Answered by CarsGuide 8 Feb 2021

Your car requires an octane rating of 91 RON and, to be honest, the biggest difference in using the more expensive 95 or even 98 RON brew will probably be to your wallet, not the car. Changing to a higher octane rating is not really a scientific way of fixing problems like rough running, and there’s probably another reason for the poor performance.

I’d be scanning the car electronically for a clue to what’s going wrong with it, but bear in mind rough running can be caused by lots of things. If you really want to pursue the fuel you’re using as a potential cause of the problem, rather than change to 95 RON, change the service station you use. Sometimes, a service station can have contaminated underground tanks and this can cause all sorts of running problems by the time the dirty fuel is in your tank. Another hint: If you see a fuel tanker delivering fuel to a service station as you pull up to refuel, find another service station. The fresh fuel being pumped into the underground tank will stir up all sorts of nasties that would otherwise settle at the bottom of the tank. By filling up immediately after the station’s tanks have been filled, you stand a good chance of buying a tankful of dirty fuel.


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Does the 2014 Ford Focus Trend have transmission issues?

Answered by CarsGuide 6 Sep 2019

The dual-clutch automatic transmission in the Focus had issues, so I would urge caution in buying one. It can be fixed if it fails, but it would be costly.

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Ford Focus 2014: Recalled

Answered by CarsGuide 15 Mar 2019

Six weeks is too long, press the dealer for an outlook on when they will have it fixed and returned to you. You could also ask them to loan you a car while they have yours.

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Ford Focus 2014: Shuddering in the transmission

Answered by CarsGuide 15 Mar 2019

Ford has a responsibility to fix the problem, and they seem to have tried, but failed on five separate occasions. The next step is to contact Ford directly (13 3673) and lodge a complaint about the problem and your concerns with the dealership. If that doesn’t elicit a satisfactory response contact the ACCC and ask for their advice on further action you could take.

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Does the PowerShift transmission problem apply to all petrol/diesel Ford Focus models?

Answered by CarsGuide 23 Mar 2018

The PowerShift is Ford’s dual-clutch automatic transmission, and is used on petrol and diesel engines. If you really want to buy a Focus buy a manual.

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Will the transmission problems of the Ford Focus affect its value?

Answered by CarsGuide 9 Mar 2018

You’ll get market value, and on the Focus that will take into account the transmission problems it suffers. I don’t believe you can escape the fact that it has issues.

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Does the PowerShift transmission problem span across all Focus models?

Answered by CarsGuide 23 Feb 2018

The PowerShift is Ford’s dual-clutch automatic transmission, and is used on petrol and diesel engines. If you really want to buy a Focus buy a manual.

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Any solutions to a shuddering clutch on a 2014 Ford Focus Trend?

Answered by CarsGuide 4 Aug 2017

It seems there is no fix for this problem. Ford has come under intense scrutiny for its handling of the problem and treatment of customers with problem cars. Even the ACCC has decided to get involved, which is very rare. You could ask Ford for a refund or a replacement car, but as the ACCC chairman pointed out the deal Ford offers customers looking to get out of their cars isn't a great one. If you don't get any satisfaction from Ford go to the state government's consumer affairs department for advice, or call the ACCC.

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