The new Volkswagen Polo GTI is louder, more uncomfortable, thirstier and costs more than a regular Polo. So, what’s to like about it? A lot.

As you may or may not know the GTI badge isn’t worn by ordinary Volkswagens. The letters indicate the car has impressive dynamic ability while remaining fairly civilised.

And even though the Polo is the tiniest Volkswagen hatch you can currently buy new, that GTI badge still commands giant respect.

Tiny, but not as small as it used to be this new generation Polo GTI has grown in size. Does this mean it’s finally practical?

And does the increase in size affect performance? The previous Polo GTI was acclaimed for its agility.

As for the cost, the Polo GTI is not only more expensive than the regular Polo, but it costs more than the previous Polo GTI. Is it worth it?

I found out when I attended the launch of the new generation Polo GTI.