The phrase 'Special Edition' and 'Mini' have been close bedfellows for almost five decades. Many are stickers and specs packs and the newly-released Millbrook is certainly that.

Thing is, it's on top of a seriously capable machine, the Mini John Cooper Works (or JCW). It's also a nice way to celebrate 60 years of Mini, as the company did with the JCW World Championship 50 in 2009.

Minis aren't cheap and are sometimes difficult to justify because of that. The Millbrook, though, has a couple of little things you won't see elsewhere, like the minty-fresh 'Ice Blue' paint and a pair of rally-style spotties in the grille.

The JCW is a cracker of a car to start with, but the Millbrook adds a substantial $4875 to the already stiff cost of the auto. Could it possibly be worth it?