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2023 Tesla Cybertruck spied in production-ready form! Big changes made to new polarising electric ute set to satisfy safety regulations ahead of launch

The Cybertruck has been spied looking ready for production. (Video credit: Chile Al100)

The Tesla Cybertruck left a lot of people scratching their heads after its reveal in November 2019, not just because of its polarising design, but also to its lack of some everyday features.

However, now we know some of those exclusions have been addressed prior to production.

A video published by Chile Al100 on YouTube shows drone footage of Tesla’s plant in Freemont, California, which is home to a small track that a production-ready Cybertruck is seen testing on.

Look closely and you’ll notice two key additions to the Cybertruck dual-cab pick-up, which debuted in prototype form. They, of course, are side mirrors and a windshield wiper, with the latter seemingly one of the largest fitted to a ‘light vehicle’.

These changes will help the all-electric Cybertruck satisfy safety regulations in both the US and abroad, while other apparent tweaks include the separation and repositioning of the headlights, which are now segmented and located well below the edge of the ‘bonnet’.

(Image credit: Chile Al100) (Image credit: Chile Al100)

As reported, there are several reasons why the Cybertruck isn’t in production yet, with the prominent semiconductor shortage and question marks hanging over battery availability among them.

So, when will the Cybertruck actually start production? A few months ago, Tesla claimed it’s now on track for late 2022 (a year later than its original forecast), with it set to roll off the line at the new factory in Austin, Texas.

(Image credit: Chile Al100) (Image credit: Chile Al100)

Curiously, Tesla boss Elon Musk admitted in an August 2020 interview with Automotive News that the Cybertruck was unlikely to be sold outside of its target market of North America due to safety regulation challenges elsewhere.

So, why does Tesla Australia continue to take pre-orders (with a fully refundable $150 deposit) for the Cybertruck on its website? Clearly, there’s some hope it will receive ADR (Australian Design Rules) approval eventually – but, as always, time will tell. Stay tuned.