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2022 Tesla Model S and Model X pricing and specs detailed: Facelifts for electric car and SUV headlined by ludicrous Plaid power

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The first-generation Model S has received its second facelift.
The first-generation Model S has received its second facelift.

Tesla has revealed facelifted versions of the Model S large sedan and Model X large SUV ahead of Australian deliveries beginning next year.

While both Model S and Model X don’t look too different outside (new front bumpers, alloy wheels and black trim), they are dramatically so inside, with their cockpits completely redesigned.

The obvious highlight is the rectangular steering wheel that’s stalkless. Ahead of it is still a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster, while a now-horizontal 17.0-inch touchscreen multimedia system is to the side.

An 8.0-inch touchscreen now features in the second row, at the rear of the centre console, allowing occupants to play with Tesla’s latest multimedia system, too. Wireless chargers and USB-C ports also feature throughout alongside a 960W sound system with 22 speakers.

In both instances, the 500kW dual-motor Long Range Plus range-opener has been renamed Long Range, while the dual-motor Performance has been replaced by the 761kW tri-motor Plaid.

And before you say there was already an 820kW-plus tri-motor Model S Plaid flagship on its way, it still is, but it’s just called Plaid+ now. There is still no Model X equivalent, though.

Compared to its predecessor, the Model S Long Range is $13,000 dearer, at $145,718 plus on-road costs, while its Model X equivalent is $14,300 more expensive, at $171,718.

Both Plaid versions of the Model S and Model X are priced from $204,218, which is $52,000 and $27,300 more than their Performance ancestors asked for respectively.

And despite its positive name change, the Model S Plaid+ costs the same as before, at $223,718.

The Model S Long Range has a driving range of 663km and completes the zero-to-100km/h sprint in 3.2s, while its Model X equivalent has marks of 580km and 3.9s.

Meanwhile, the Model S Plaid manages 628km and 2.1s, compared to the 547km and 2.6s mustered by its Model X equivalent.

The Model S Plaid+ travels more than 840km between charges and hits triple digits in less than 2.1s.

2022 Tesla Model S pricing before on-road costs

Long Rangeautomatic$145,718 (+$13,000)
Plaidautomatic$204,218 (NEW)
Plaid+automatic$223,718 (N/A)

2022 Tesla Model X pricing before on-road costs

Long Rangeautomatic$171,718 (+$14,300)
Plaidautomatic$204,218 (NEW)
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