Mitsubishi Pajero 2004 Problems

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Mitsubishi Pajero 2004: What can I claim from insurance?

Answered by CarsGuide 1 Feb 2020

I don’t know of any insurance companies that will pay out an increased amount because of recent repairs. The presumption would have been that your car was worth the $6000 agreed-value amount only if it was in good working order and not in a damaged state. Following that presumption is the fact that, if it needed $1500 spent on it to bring it back to that condition, that’s simply a wear and tear cost that is not the insurer’s problem. It’s a cruel world, no?

As for the payout figure including (or not) the registration refund, I’d imagine that would be up to the insurer and would be included in the dreaded fine-print. From what I can gather, this is a pretty common inclusion on most policy wordings, and many insurers will adjust the payout down to include the policy excess (if, unlike your case, Tracey, you were at fault) and the unused portion of the CTP insurance and registration. But get this: Some insurers will even deduct the costs of the rest of the year’s insurance premium from your payout, even if you were paying the premium monthly! Never gloss over the fine print.

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Toyota Prado: Buying for age or mileage?

Answered by CarsGuide 31 Jul 2015

In this case I would be tempted to go for the older car with the fewer kilometres, as long as you were sure the odometer reading is correct.

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Mitsubishi Pajero 2004: Rear axle problems

Answered by CarsGuide 7 Dec 2012

I would strongly argue the case that the failure is a safety related issue and shouldn't affect the warranty. Besides the company has already admitted to you that there is a problem, which it seems to me leaves them with nowhere to go.


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Pajero timing chain

Answered by CarsGuide 10 May 2012

Timing chains do not need to be replaced regularly as timing belts do, so there is no requirement in the service schedule for such a replacement. But they do wear and can become slack over time, and when that happens they do need to be replaced. If you don't replace them in that situation you risk them breaking or jumping teeth on the drive gears and if either of those things happened you could do serious internal damage to the engine. I'd be inclined to follow your mechanic's advice.

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Mitsubishi Pajero timing chain/belt

Answered by CarsGuide 12 Apr 2012

That's correct, the 3.2-litre turbo-diesel engine has a timing chain, not a belt, so doesn't need to be replaced.

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Mitsubishi Pajero 2004: Using a performance chip

Answered by CarsGuide 19 Jul 2011

I too have read the claims made by makers of these chips as well, but I don’t have the evidence that confirms the benefits, so I would leave well enough alone. By your admission the Pajero is doing the job, so I wouldn’t change it.

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Major service on 04 Pajero

Answered by CarsGuide 30 Jun 2011

The diesel engine has a chain, so there's no requirement to replace it as there is with a belt.

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Mitsubishi Pajero 2004: Backfired on LPG

Answered by CarsGuide 21 Jun 2011

Backfiring is usually caused by a problem with the ignition system, and usually fixed by replacing the spark plug leads. It happens when the LPG/air mix in the intake manifold is ignited by a random spark, and it often results in the air intake and filter being blown away. It is unusual to damage the catalytic converter and have the computer meltdown, and damage to the auto trans is unheard of. Check the ignition system and certainly replace the spark plug leads, and have the auto checked by a specialist.

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