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Jaguar XF vs Audi RS3

What's the difference?

Jaguar XF
Jaguar XF

2018 price

Audi RS3
Audi RS3

2023 price


2018 Jaguar XF
2023 Audi RS3
Safety Rating

Engine Type
Diesel Turbo V6, 3.0L

Fuel Type

Fuel Efficiency
5.9L/100km (combined)


  • The cost
  • No Apple CarPlay/Android Auto
  • Not really a five seater for long trips

  • How much power is too much?
  • Front seats a bit flat at speed
  • Sportback looks a bit derivative
2018 Jaguar XF Summary

If a Jaguar owner fell through a wormhole from 2003, the company they bought their car from would be   almost unrecognisable. Back then, it was a bewildering mess making an odd assortment of cars, yet to emerge into the light after Ford's confused and debilitating period of ownership. 

Why 2003? Fifteen years is a nice round number and pre-dates the arrival of the brand-saving XF.

Today, Jaguar has three SUVs, and the gorgeous F-Type, the XE, its second-generation XF and the big XJ. It has three SUVs (the F-Pace, E-Pace and I-Pace) because without them Jaguar would be a niche manufacturer before long, because big sedans, formerly the brand's trademark, are continuing their gentle decline. Oddly enough, one of the market segments contracting even faster than sedans is wagons

So what better time to launch into a draining pool from the three-metre board than now? Jaguar has bravely taken that risk and brought us the puzzlingly named XF Sportbrake.

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2023 Audi RS3 Summary

After teasing us with the S3, all-wheel-drive version of its A3 sedan and hatch (Sportback in Audi-speak), Audi has finally given us the full-fat, RS3 variant of the same car. Any time you see an `R’ and an `S’ on the badge of an Audi, you know it’s the full nine yards in terms of all-wheel-drive grip and engine performance. And the RS3 is no different.

The power is enormous, the grip prodigious and the attitude is way tougher than any other A3 variant. It’s also well equipped, safe and nicely put together. But is that extra `R’ worth the added price of admission? And is this more Audi A-Series than you really need?

The other question is, given that the S3 is such a resolved package with its own shot of high-performance, do the numbers stack up for the RS3 version? How much is too much?

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2018 Jaguar XF 2023 Audi RS3

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