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Small Convertibles

Mazda MX-5

What we like

  • Lively handling feels as special as the soft top
  • Surprisingly good looks
  • Builds on the MX-5 legacy instead of diluting it

What we don't

  • Top spec price creeping up
  • No AEB
  • Reversing camera is optional

Mini Cabrio

What we like

  • Responsive engine and steering
  • Practical back seat
  • Acceptable wind noise with the top down

What we don't

  • Poor rear visibility
  • Expensive options

Abarth 124

What we like

  • Lots of fun
  • Good spec
  • Not bad for a rush job

What we don't

  • Timid exhaust note
  • Silly speedo
  • Ownership proposition a bit weak

BMW 2 Series

What we like

  • Slick exterior styling
  • Inline six brings great performance

What we don't

  • Outdated interior styling
  • Misses out on advanced safety features

Audi A3

What we like

  • Balance between comfort and dynamics
  • Fun factor
  • Safety suite

What we don't

  • Slightly cramped interior
  • Conservative looks

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