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Audi S3
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Audi S3 Pricing and Specs

2021 price from

The Audi S3 is available from $64,200 to $73,400 for the 2021 range of models in Sedan, Convertible and Other body types.

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Year Price From Price To
2022 $64,200 $73,400
2021 $64,200 $73,400
2020 $48,600 $75,900
2019 $46,000 $67,870
2018 $42,900 $64,020
2017 $39,500 $64,460
2016 $33,500 $51,150
2015 $30,300 $46,530
2014 $26,100 $40,810
2013 $21,800 $33,880
2012 $17,900 $28,490
2011 $14,600 $23,540
2010 $12,900 $21,230
2009 $10,600 $19,250
2008 $8,100 $17,270
2007 $11,200 $16,500
2005 $9,100 $13,640
2004 $8,800 $13,310
2003 $8,800 $13,310
2002 $7,100 $13,310
2001 $7,100 $11,000
2000 $7,000 $11,000
1999 $7,000 $10,890

Audi S3 FAQs

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  • S3 or WRX?

    The WRX is a hottie and great fun, but the S3 is a much classier car. That’s in things like the materials and the way it feels on the road. It gets The Tick from me and I think it’s worth the extra cash.

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  • Audi S3 - refund wanted?

    You have been treated appallingly. To have had your car for 15 weeks in the eight months you have owned it since new and not fixed it is an absolute disgrace, and should be a warning to anyone thinking about buying an Audi. The dealer is clearly out of his depth and needs head office help, which doesn’t appear to be coming. You’ve also highlighted the problem with Australia’s consumer laws: they are so weak to be useless. If there were ever a case for a refund or a new car then yours is it. You should have had your money refunded a long time ago, or Audi should have offered you a replacement car. That neither has happened says the company cares little for its customers. That they’re arguing over who is at fault is not your problem, you simply want your car fixed. I understand your concern about taking legal action, but I would urge you have a solicitor write to Audi, with a copy to the dealer, setting out your experience and asking for the company’s help to resolve it.

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