You’re not the only one who isn’t sure how to pronounce Touareg. Yup, even though Volkswagen's full-size SUV has been around since 2002, it seems nobody really knows how to say its name. 

The Germans at Volkswagen think it’s To-a-reg, while Australian interpretations range from ‘Tawreg’ to Toerag’.

Appropriate then, that our first drive of the new-generation Touareg took place in the land from which it drew its name – Morocco, where the Tuareg nomadic tribe still lives.

Yes, in this epic first drive, that saw us cover 1300km in four days through the Sahara and Atlas Mountains, we ate, worked and sometimes slept in our Touaregs – the 210TDI version. I feel I know this car well now, and even though the full details of Australian versions are yet to be released I can give you a good heads-up on what to expect.

But first, how do the Moroccans say it? Well the locals I spoke to said Tuareg (as in the tribe) is pronounced ‘Twah-reg’ and when I asked how they would say Touareg, I got confused looks – seems they don’t know either. It's a made-up name, after all. So say it however you like.