Tim Robson road tests and reviews the new Toyota 86 GTS automatic with specs, fuel consumption and verdict.

When it launched back in 2012 – hell, when it was rumoured five years previous to that – the car world fell in love with the idea of the Toyota 86.

What was not to love? The most conservative giant in the automotive industry had produced a small, cute, affordable sports car. With rear-wheel drive! And great steering! It was a revelation not just for those who loved cars, but for the industry as a whole. The fun car still had a place.

You see, cars like the 86 don’t make the company a great deal of money, and if it wasn’t for the concerted efforts of Toyota’s top man, Akio Toyoda, the 86 would never have seen the light of day. 

As it is, the company can sell more Corollas in Australia in a month than the 86 managed for the whole of 2016.

Five years on, though… and the game has changed. Or, more to the point, the 86 hasn’t really changed all that much since the heady days of 2012. Other makers like Ford and Mazda have put out small, affordable cars that are just as much fun, so is the 86 still as relevant today as it was five years ago?