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Tim Robson

Tim Robson

Contributing Journalist

Tim Robson has been involved in automotive journalism for almost two decades, after cutting his teeth on alternative forms of wheeled transport. 

Studiously avoiding tertiary education while writing about mountain bikes in the 1990s, Tim started with Motor magazine in 2001, moving on to edit Auto Action and Motor before joining Top Gear Australia in 2010.

Tim formed his own company, 032Media, in 2014, building up a freelance business that supplies leading news outlets like CarsGuide and GoAuto, as well as Evo Australia, Motor, 4x4 Australia and The Robb Report. He's also a skilled photographer, practicing videographer, presenter and editor.

He’s also recently returned to his roots, currently editing Australia's oldest and most prestigious mountain bike magazine, Mountain Biking Australia.

Tim lives in Wollongong, NSW, and is married with three double-digit age kids… two of who are learning to drive. One’s already learned to race, with 16-year-old Max helping Tim to build and run his only car – a track-registered Honda Civic EG.

You can check out Tim’s bike collection, race car failings and more on his Insta feed or Facebook.

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