Rear-wheel drive, manual, two doors and a Toyota for around $30k. Every proper car nut on the face of the planet should be pretty grateful the HiLux you borrow from Bunnings isn't the only vehicle that fits this description.

Even close to half a decade after its Australian arrival, we should thank our lucky stars Toyota has given us the 86, and not just another Camry or Corolla-based coupe called Celica.

2017 Toyota 86 GTS manual. 2017 Toyota 86 GTS manual.

Plenty of front-drive hot hatches have pipped the base GT's thrifty price since it first arrived, and even the topless MX-5 is now pretty close, but only the 86's Subaru BRZ twin comes close to matching the cheapest 86 for ultra-budget rear-drive thrills.

The fine balance behind the 86 formula means every update raises the eyebrows of purists, and November 2016 brought the most comprehensive revisions yet. Have they built a better 86 or have they jumped the shark?