Long ago a little blue Suzuki Swift stole my heart. It was the first car I ever reviewed on video for CarsGuide, I still had long hair and deludedly believed I was still young. I looked like a man oblivious to his impending middle age, but the Suzuki had no such delusions about itself. 

Always cheap, honest transport, the Sport was fun on a (development) budget and still commands crazy money second-hand, because it's so good. Sure, it was missing a bit of oomph, but it had a truly great chassis to make up for it.

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I haven't driven the new Sport version, but when the call came from my colleague, Matt Campbell, that the GLX Turbo was my ride for the week I was elated. I've been wanting to give this new version a run, and what better way to do it than in a fully loaded one that has a new spin on the Swift idea?