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Peugeot 4008 Allure 2012 review: snapshot

Surprisingly, the French chic does not command an exorbitant premium

Let's get something straight. The 4008 might be a successor to the 4007 soft roader but the two cars really have nothing in common. The 4008 does however have quite a lot in common with Mitsubishi's ASX of which it is almost a copy  apart from the styling.

The two companies were looking at a merger back in 2008 but the deal fell over. It did however give rise to some shared projects: the Outlander-based 4007 was one and now the smaller ASX-based 4008. Some would suggest the car's Mitsubishi heritage is a positive that will instil confidence in the brand and attract punters that would not ordinarily shop Peugeot.


All exterior panels, apart from the doors are unique to the 4008. The off-road character has been accentuated with a vertical grille, body sill protectors and prominent wheel arch protection  wheel arches that accommodate larger and fancier 18in wheels. The interior exudes a rich feel with soft touch surfaces, piano black trim and chrome highlights.


Same 2.0-litre four cylinder petrol engine that produces the same power and torque at 110kW and 197Nm. Same 6-speed CVT style continuously variable auto, with paddle gear shifters and the same instruments and switch gear inside. All wheel drive is standard, but two-wheel drive can be selected. It's a case of spot the difference.


So, the question becomes which one? Based on price and length of warranty you'd have to pick the ASX (with 5 years on the drivetrain).

But it's not that easy because the Peugeot is covered by fixed price servicing for the first three years. Service costs are capped at $330 a year for the first three years and that includes a valet service.


Surprisingly, the French chic does not command an exorbitant premium. Prices for ASX start at $25,990 while the 4008 kicks off at $28,990. But the gap narrows to $1500 at the top of the tree, with $36,990 for the Aspire and $38,490 for the top of the range Allure.

But, before you go racing for the door, check out the spec sheet because there's some significant differences  like the fact satnav is standard on the Aspire but a $1495 option with the Peugeot. The Aspire also boasts a hi-end 9-speaker Rockford-Fosgate audio system, complete with separate subwoofer.


Both are fitted with seven airbags and both come with an array of safety systems including a reversing camera. The ASX scores five stars and there's no reason to believe the Peugeot though not tested yet would not attract the same rating.


The CVT transmission while convenient doesn't do the car any favours. It doesn't feel as powerful as the figures suggest and you need to select manual mode to really get it moving. Thankfully paddle shifts are provided to make the job easier.

Where's the hell is the diesel? Mitsubishi offers a diesel and Peugeot which is renowned for its diesels offers one overseas, but there's no suggestion that it will bring one here? Fuel consumption is rated at 8.1 litres/100km (we were getting 7.8). Good to see a full sized spare in the boot, but it's limited to 80km/h.


Looks good, more stylish, particularly the strong front and the effect is underlined by the larger cavity filling wheels. But the performance is average and it needs satnav and an audio upgrade to keep pace with the Mitsubishi.

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