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Hyundai i45 2011 review

... the i45 is a good example the standard of quality and engineering ...

We switched our new longterm Hyundai to 'Econ' mode straight away rising to the challenge of squeezing out the best possible fuel economy. Funny how things work. The i45 for example is a handsome new four door sedan with coupe styling and a swag of new technology but we are focussed almost entirely on fuel economy.

Blame Hyundai for installing the system. It seems to be working with the trip computer showing an average of 6.5-litres/100km in mixed driving but we are really trying hard for economy at this stage. It's particularly good right now with fuel hovering around the $1.40 a litre mark.

The i45 has had a less than smooth introduction to the Aussie market after some criticism from local motoring scribes about its ride and handling. Hyundai responded with an upgrade virtually before the car was properly launched here. Australia is the only country where this action was taken.

We really don't know what all the fuss was about -- the original suspension settings were pretty good for a medium family sedan. It's not intended to be a sports sedan. But that's done now and the car we are driving will put a smile on your face and is easy to live with on a day to day basis -- not too soft or hard, sporty steering response and excellent engine performance.

It's the Elite auto selling for $34,590 which represents good value when you factor in standard equipment and compare it with the competition.

It's a big car, getting up towards Falcon/Commodore size and has plenty of room inside for five. The boot is a decent size too capable of swallowing up to three suitcases and there's a full size spare under the floor.

We were able to take the i45 on a long trip and got out fresh as a daisy at the end of a 500km slog. That's partly down to the low noise levels inside but also to the smooth silent engine that only becomes audible under full throttle.

We know there's still some snobbery out there regarding Korean cars but people should get over it because the i45 is a good example the standard of quality and engineering you now get from Hyundai (and Kia) -- as good as Japanese -- better in some areas.

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