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Jaguar XJ6 sedan 2004 review

It's a tricky question and the answer depends on where you sit on the fence.

The Jag has a certain regal elegance about it especially if its the larger XJ series, and there aren't too many around.

But they come at a price. The "entry level" is now the XJ6 at a whisker under 150 grand.

That buys a lot of German metal and also quite a lump of the Best of Briddish (1545kg), in this case, aluminium, not steel.

The XJ6 name first appeared back in 1968 and then it went away in the late '90s to reappear this year complete with a 3.0-litre, Duratec V6.

Shock horror, a V6?

Sound familiar, its from the Ford parts bin.

The underbonnet of an XJ6 was traditionally filled with a straight six.

What's it matter?

Not the slightest actually because the V6 might look tiny in that big engine bay but it beats with a smooth strong heart.

And coupled with the lightweight aluminium chassis and body, performance is excellent.

The engine is good for 179kW –not much less than the previous 3.2-litre V8. Maximum torque is 300Nm.

But the big advantage is fuel economy. Not that it will be an issue for someone who buys this car, though it should be.

Here is a big Jag that will return around 11 litres/100km average fuel consumption – about the same as a Commodore.

It has strong acceleration thanks in part to the silky six speed automatic transmission, variable valve timing and a variable geometry induction system. Drive is to the rear wheels.

Naturally, ride quality is almost above reproach. The self levelling air suspension automatically adjusts ride height according to load and boosts high speed stability. The car wafts along like it's on a cloud and is replete with a large luxury inventory right down to "classic" wood grain panel inserts, dual smog sensor and odour filter, electric park brake, leather upholstery, satnav, TV, premium sound.

It could do with xenon headlights.

The dash is high but is in keeping with the slightly olde-worlde interior of the XJ which is easy and comfortable to drive. Long trips are not a problem in this car but the boot is shallow.

There is plenty to like about the XJ6, it handles neatly, sounds pretty good, looks classy and provides plush, luxury and high levels of safety for five.

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