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Nissan GT-R 2014 review

Peter Barnwell road tests and reviews the Nissan GT-R, with specs, fuel consumption and verdict.

You can keep your over-priced Ferrari or Lamborghini, or your HSV GTS or your Falcon GT F 351. Gimme the hand-built Nissan GT-R any day - in red.

It has more performance than any of them and in the case of the Euro exotics, is a fraction the price starting at $172,000.

Look locally and neither of the Blue Oval or Red Lion big guns come remotely close to the GT-R in engine performance or handling.


How does a 2.7 second 0-100kmh sprint sound? But that’s a minor part of this awesome sports coupe.


It’s luxurious too offering two people, yes there are two virtually unuseable rear seats too, Bose audio, dual climate control, 10 readout screens for various car functions, Bluetooth audio and phone, carbon fibre fascia, trip computer, button start, satnav, reverse camera 7-inch screen and multi adjustable leather Recaro seats to name just a few goodies.


It’s hand built by a bunch of technicians and they only use the highest quality components.

We are a tad ambivalent about the looks - it sure looks tough - not sexy or sleek. No detractors detected. The GT-R’s reputation speaks for itself - put up or shut up.

The GT-R has race start and many functions offer multiple modes like the suspension and  the gearbox which is mounted transaxle style at the rear integrated with the rear diff’ and all-wheel drive transfer.

A carbon fibre tailshaft lurks underneath the flat undertray and there’s three mode vehicle dynamic control, sync rev gear matching along with huge Brembo six-piston brakes.

It’s a parts list any performance car builder would be more than happy with.

This year, Nissan spent time refining the Bilstein suspension for finer ride control across a wider range of conditions.

They fitted LED headlights and daytime drivers, upgraded the interior, cut noise levels, tuned the exhaust note, changed tyres to stiffer Dunlops, fitted a stiffer front stabiliser and altered brake pedal pressure. It’s an evolution.

Oh, and there’s a striking new red with gold mica and a luscious cream leather interior.

Wow, takes people aback when they look inside. There’s even a boot and practical features to make drive time easier.

Engine / Transmission 

Recently refreshed, the GT-R essentials remain - a 3.8-litre, twin turbo V6 with 404kW/628Nm output and variable valve timing on the inlet cams only. The ATESSA all-wheel drive system remains as does the six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.


The essence of the GT-R is all about the drive and this can be summed up in one word… monumental.

Even in Normal mode, the GT-R has eye watering performance.

Off the line, in the mid-range, roll on and at the top end - never, ever is this car caught short in the get-go department.

The engine sounds a bit like a passenger jet under maximum acceleration - not a really pleasing note at all but who cares. When a car goes like this it matters not.

Then you get to experience the GT-R’s handling which is race-car pin sharp. All wheel drive with torque vectoring helps control all the weight - up around the 1700kg mark and all the power.

It rips around corners like its on rails and rarely gets a tyre out of line unless pushed ridiculously hard when the car will take over, call enough and snap everything back into line and under control. It makes mugs look like champions.

And talk about a crowd puller. You need a bundle of spec sheet printouts to handout when people start asking all the questions.

But it has mechanical rattles and clatters at slow speed from the transmission that are disconcerting. You get used to that.


Nothing to say. Gob smacked.

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