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Super Bowl 2020: Here are the best car ads

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Car brands spends millions for seconds of airtime during the Super Bowl every year, but the quality can be hit and miss.
Car brands spends millions for seconds of airtime during the Super Bowl every year, but the quality can be hit and miss.

The Kansas City Chiefs claimed the NFL’s top prize yesterday in the 2020 Super Bowl - but there was no clear winner in the battle between car companies for the best television commercial.

Car makers spend millions and hire some of the biggest names in Hollywood to help sell cars during one of the biggest TV events of the year. This year’s game was no different, with ads from several major brands going all-out to try and make a memorable spot.

Here’s the rundown on each commercial, be sure to let us know your favourite in the comments or on social media.

Jeep Gladiator


The American brand went big to help promote its new ute, hiring comedy legend Bill Murray to appear in his first US television commercial. The one-minute ad spoofs his 1993 film Groundhog Day and brings back several original cast members. The obvious new addition is the Gladiator, which Murray’s character steals each day for a different adventure.

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Hyundai Sonata


The South Korean brand went for the big names for its spot, hiring Captain America himself, Chris Evans, to front its Sonata ad. It seems Hyundai was expecting the New England Patriots to make the Super Bowl (as they have many times in recent years) and came up with a Boston-themed commercial to promote its ‘Smart Park’ feature on the Sonata.

Evans was joined by his fellow New England natives comedian Rachel Dratch and actor John Krasinski to poke fun at the stereotypical Boston accent, with the three calling the Sonata’s clever autonomous parking function ‘Smaht Park’.

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Genesis GV80


Hyundai didn’t skimp on star power for its Genesis brand either, hiring musician John Legend and his model and author wife Chrissy Teigen. The premise of the ad is the young power couple are throwing “old luxury” a going away party as they try to make the South Korean brand the “fun” luxury car company.

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Kia Seltos


Not all Super Bowl ads are funny and Kia went down a more serious path for its spot called ‘Tough Never Quits’. The focus of the piece is Josh Jacobs, who grew up homeless at times in Tulsa, Oklahoma but still managed to become a player for the Las Vegas Raiders NFL team.

It’s a moving story even if the compact Seltos SUV doesn’t seem to fit the idea of being ‘tough’.

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Toyota Highlander (AKA Kluger)


The Japanese brand went full-on Hollywood spectacular to promote its new seven-seat SUV, loading it full of special effects and drama.

Marvel star Cobie Smulders spends the 60-second ad appearing just-in-time to rescue folks from danger in the spacious new family hauler. There’s monsters, cowboys and killer gas - all to try and grab football fan’s attention during the game.

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Porsche Taycan


How do you showcase your future and your past at the same time? Well, if you’re Porsche you produce one of the most exciting ads of the Super Bowl, titled ‘The Heist’. It features the all-new Taycan being pursued by a pack of the German brand’s most iconic models - including the 911 GT2 RS, 917 Le Mans racer and even its tractor.

If you really enjoy the one-minute ad you can watch a 20-minutes behind-the-scenes documentary on how they made it here.

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Audi e-tron Sportback


The German brand showcased its electric future too, hiring Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams to feature in its spot for the e-tron Sportback. In a move that will send a shiver down the spine of any parent that has sat through multiple viewings of Disney’s Frozen, Williams belts out the movies catchy hit song Let It Go as she drives her electric SUV through downtown LA and into the future...

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GMC Hummer


General Motors drafted in basketball superstar LeBron James to help start the hype for its first electric pick-up - the revived Hummer. Despite pre-game predictions he would unveil the battery-powered truck it failed to appear.

Instead GM opted for plenty of black and white footage of horses and machinery and silence in order to portray a sense of drama around its all-new model. James narrates with motivational phrases like “Zero limits. Zero compromises” but the most important part is we see a brief glimpse of GMC Hummer grille and get confirmation it will be officially revealed on May 20.

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