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Should you buy a Toyota SUV now or wait for the redesign or facelift? Life cycles for the Toyota RAV4, Kluger, Prado, C-HR and more detailed

Toyota SUVs like the C-HR, RAV4 and Prado are popular, but you don't want to invest late in the current models' lifecycles.

Buying a new SUV and then finding out it’s just about to be refreshed, redesigned or even completely replaced can be disappointing at best, and a bad financial move at worst.

Poorer resale and missing out on newer developments in safety and multimedia technologies can erode the joy of new-car ownership. Especially if you’re prone to the fear of missing out.

To avoid this, let’s investigate just how long popular Toyota SUVs like the current CH-R, RAV4 and Prado have left on the market, when their replacements are due and what these updates may bring.

For this story, we’re overlooking minor specification updates that are often implemented annually, often called model year updates, and concentrating on bigger changes instead.

Such information can be helpful haggling a better deal too!

So, without further ado, here’s a brief summary of every current Toyota SUV model available in Australia, and what’s in store for each.


Toyota Yaris Cross

Launched: 2020, 1st-generation, all-new.

Pluses: Roomier, more practical Yaris with extra ground clearance so perfect for urban life.

Minuses: Odd proportions, guppy face and dead eyes on up-spec grades; long waiting lists.

Update due… Still years away though a minor facelift expected soon-ish (from 2024).

Verdict: Base SX Hybrid is all the SUV most people will ever need and exceptional value.

Our advice: Good to BUY!


Toyota C-HR

Launched: 2016, 1st-gen, all-new.

Pluses: Coupe-SUV with sophistication, refinement and class; nice turbo and hybrid choices.

Minuses: Manual gone, dreadful rear vision, gloomy back-seat feel, now getting expensive.

Update due… this year globally, 2024 for Australia, with expected broader electrification options.

Verdict: 2025 C-HR II expected to be roomier and airier, but still stylish and premium priced.

Our advice: Maybe WAIT


Toyota Corolla Cross

Launched: 2022, 1st-generation, all-new.

Pluses: Like a Corolla wagon on stilts, great hybrid with optional AWD, family focused.

Minuses: Huge waiting lists, up-spec grades expensive, lacks polish of RAV4 and C-HR.

Update due… Later this decade.

Verdict: Unexciting but fills the gap perfectly between Yaris Cross and RAV4.

Our advice: Good to BUY!


Toyota RAV4

Launched: 2019, 5th-gen, all-new.

Pluses: Australia’s favourite SUV for a reason; not a dud in the entire range.

Minuses: Manual gone, expensive, hard to get, is RAV4’s success making Toyota arrogant?

Update due… Recent midlife refresh could see next-gen redesign here from 2025.

Verdict: A great medium SUV buy but long waiting lists and premium pricing now tiresome.

Our advice: BUY – but redesign not too distant


Toyota Fortuner

Launched: 2015, 2nd-gen, rebody of 2004 original.

Pluses: Based on HiLux so tough and durable but…

Minuses: Has same diesel particulate filter reputation, crude, jittery suspension, awkward styling.

Update due… Next-gen Fortuner’s future in Australia rumoured to be up in the air.

Verdict: Off the pace so consider Prado, Ford Everest, Isuzu MU-X, or Mitsubishi Pajero Sport.

Our advice: Maybe WAIT


Toyota LandCruiser 300

Launched: 2021, 6th-gen (of 4x4 wagons), all-new (largely).

Pluses: One of the world’s most capable 4x4 wagons with added Toyota reliability.

Minuses: People miss the old V8 diesel grunt, endless waiting lists, properly expensive.

Update due… Possibly not before the end of this decade.

Verdict: Toyota’s been making SUVs like this since the J50 LandCruiser of 1967 and it shows.

Our advice: Good to BUY!


Toyota Prado

Launched: 2009, 4th-gen, rebody of 2003 J120.

Pluses: Capable, durable, comfortable and somehow classless.

Minuses: Getting old, expensive and fitted with disliked DPF engine since 2015.

Update due… By the end of 2024 and not a moment too soon.

Verdict: J150 Prado remains a 4x4 favourite and it’s easy to see why but now getting old.

Our advice: Maybe WAIT


Toyota Kluger

Launched: 2021, 4th-gen, all-new (V6s aside).

Pluses: Switch to TNGA platform fixes unsettled ride; hybrid the only economical choice.

Minuses: Dreary cabin presentation, dull steering and high prices make Kluger hard to love.

Update due… V6 ousted by 2.4L turbo in 2023 but otherwise a facelift is likely years away.

Verdict: USA-focused and made big SUV far better than before but not as handsome.

Our advice: Good to BUY!