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Isuzu D-Max EV revealed! And it's coming to Australia, beating Toyota HiLux and Ford Ranger to market with a fully electric ute!

The Isuzu D-Max BEV will arrive in Europe in 2025 ahead of its launch in Australia.

Isuzu has beaten a number of its direct rivals to the punch by revealing a fully electric version of its popular D-Max ute, and it will arrive in Europe first in 2025 before being offered in Australia. 

The D-Max BEV will headline Isuzu’s appearance at the Bangkok International Motor Show next week, but the company has revealed details ahead of its debut. 

While it is technically a prototype concept, the model at the show previews a production-ready model.

According to Isuzu’s announcement the D-Max BEV will use two electric motors with a combined output of 130kW and 325Nm. With a motor on the front axle and the second on the rear, these ‘e-Axles’ will provide full-time all-wheel drive, this together with a ladder-frame chassis could mean the D-Max BEV is a capable off-roader.

Isuzu has put any concerns regarding the electric D-Max’s towing ability to rest by confirming it will have the same 3.5-tonne towing capacity as the diesel-powered D-Max, as well as a one-tonne payload capacity.

A 66.9kWh lithium-ion battery will supply power to the D-Max BEV’s motors and is likely to offer a range of up to 300km, depending on the driving conditions such as towing and terrain.

In the announcement Isuzu said the D-Max BEV will arrive first in Europe before going on sale in Australia and its manufacturing base, Thailand.

Isuzu has beaten a number of its direct rivals to the punch by revealing a fully electric version of its popular D-Max ute.

“Keenly aware that customers use pick-up trucks for various applications, D-Max BEV offers an alternative power source,” Isuzu’s statement reads. 

“Launching in select mainland Europe markets such as Norway in 2025, D-Max BEV will be rolled out to the UK, Australia, Thailand, and other countries based on market needs and the maturity of EV charging infrastructure.”

CarsGuide reached out to Isuzu Ute Australia (IUA) to find out when we can expect the D-Max BEV to arrive locally.

“At this point in time, we are unable to comment on specifics relating to future model plans,” Isuzu Ute Australia’s PR Manager Mark Harman told us.

The electric D-Max will arrive in Europe first in 2025 before being offered in Australia.

“That said, as part of our due diligence, IUA will continue to monitor the local market requirements including the reception of Hybrid and BEVs, and work with the factory to provide a product mix to meet Australian consumer needs.”

The surprise announcement and rapid timeline for the D-Max BEV’s introduction is a coup in many ways for Isuzu over automotive giants such as Toyota with its HiLux and Ford and the Ranger. Both Toyota and Ford have entertained and even tested electric versions of their big-selling utes, but neither are any closer to launching a production-ready fully electric utility. 

The news of the electric D-Max ute comes just hours after Isuzu also announced it would bring a hybrid version of the D-Max to market as well. The D-Max Hi-Lander Mild Hybrid Electric vehicle (MHEV) will also make its debut at the Bangkok Motor show. 

Also confirmed for Australia the hybrid D-Max will use a 1.9-litre turbo diesel in conjunction with a mild-hybrid system.

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