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2022 Ford Ranger, Ranger Raptor and Everest delays update! Get your orders in now as stock shortages slash Australian allocation due to supply issues

The next-gen Ford Ranger, Ranger Raptor and Everest will launch mid-year with severely reduced stock numbers.

Get your order in right now.

Stocks of the new-generation Ford Ranger, Ranger Raptor and Everest SUV are expected to be extremely limited, with current external factors set to severely limit the number of vehicles coming to Australia this year.

With Shanghai and Beijing in China under lockdown due to COVID 19 outbreaks, it now seems almost certain that Ford will launch each of the new models with only a fraction of the numbers originally planned.

With over 400 suppliers affected by the restrictions in China, it has been reported that the factory in Thailand cannot manufacture anywhere near the required numbers necessary to meet the anticipated demand for Ranger, Ranger Raptor and Everest.

Furthermore, Ford may also have to resort to delaying their releases, which are currently pencilled in for next month (June) for Ranger, July for Ranger Raptor and August for the Everest.

According to Ford Australia product communications manager, Benjamin Nightingale, the external forces affecting the volume constraints are beyond the help of the company.

"Ford is operating in a supply constrained environment, with the added complexities of COVID-19 related lockdowns in various parts of the world,” he told CarsGuide.

“We're working very hard to bring the (new-gen) Ranger to Australia as soon as we can, as we know our customers can't wait to get their hands on their new vehicles. We will continue to communicate with our dealer network as the situation evolves, and keep our customers up to date.”

With Mr Nightingale declining to comment on whether the Ranger, Ranger Raptor and Everest on-sale or launch dates would be pushed back, the stock supply issue for these vehicles and others around the world may get worse before they get better.

According to fan website, the Chinese lockdown-related issues affecting production broke on April 28, after a confidential Ford dealer bulletin from the previous day was leaked online outlining the situation.

In Ford’s case, it is believed that 91 suppliers and 393 components in China are involved.

Below is a copy of the post, as published by, with the term “re-calanderised” pointing to a postponement or rescheduling in non-Ford speak.

“Next Gen Ranger Q2 production has been negatively impacted as a result of some major cities in China now being under COVID lockdown,” the bulletin read.

“Unfortunately, a portion of the expected Q2 production volume will need to be re-calendarised, with detailed impact to production expected to be available over the next fortnight.

“The production loss from Q2 (second quarter of the year) has delayed the anticipated timing of the April allocation (for July production) as we assess the latest information available and is now expected on Dealer status the morning of Thursday 28th April.

“As a flow on effect of production loss from Q2, a portion of the April Dealer allocation (for July production) will now need to be dedicated to build existing Dealer orders from earlier allocations, decreasing the volume available to allocate to Dealers in April.”

So, as the confidential Ford dealer bulletin suggests, get your order in now if you want a timely delivery of your next-gen Ranger, Ranger or Everest.

Meanwhile, we’ll keep you updated as news comes through, so watch this space.