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BMW 2 Series vs Renault ZOE

What's the difference?

BMW 2 Series
BMW 2 Series

$53,888 - $114,900

2023 price

Renault ZOE
Renault ZOE

2019 price


2023 BMW 2 Series
2019 Renault ZOE
Safety Rating

Engine Type
Turbo 3, 1.5L

Fuel Type

Fuel Efficiency
5.9L/100km (combined)

0.0L/100km (combined)

  • Why $7000 more than the hatch?
  • Lacklustre warranty term
  • Cheap feeling leather trim

2023 BMW 2 Series Summary

You’d be forgiven for thinking there aren’t many sedans left on sale in Australia, thanks to the massive shift in buyer preference to SUVs.

But while mainstream carmakers like Ford, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, Volkswagen and a lot more have scaled back their booted offerings, premium brands are yet to give up on sedans.

BMW alone has seven sedan models in its line-up ranging from small offerings like the 2 Series Gran Coupe all the way up to the 7 Series and 8 Series.

We are focusing on the former for this review, in entry level 218i guise. It’s a sleek sedan that certainly catches the eye, but can it compete with similarly priced SUVs in our crossover-loving country?

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2019 Renault ZOE Summary

Renault chairman and CEO Carlos Ghosn may look like a Bond villain, but rather than threatening to end the world he's intent on saving it.

In October last year he launched Groupe Renault's 'Drive the Future 2022' strategic plan, which included a commitment to "eight pure electric and 12 electrified models as part of the [Renault] range" within five years.

But he didn't mention the head start, because Renault already had several pure electric vehicles in its line-up at that point, including the subject of this review.

In fact, the Renault Zoe has been on sale in France since 2012, and stands as Europe's best-selling electric vehicle.

In late 2017, Renault Australia dipped its toe in the electrified waters (risky...) by bringing the Zoe here within a "business-to-business and business-to-government framework."

And in July this year, due to allegedly popular demand, it was made available to private buyers through "selected dealerships"; currently two in Melbourne, and one each in Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane.

Just under $50,000 for a city-sized hatch is hardly cheap, but it's entry-level territory for electric vehicles in this market. And what price can you put on helping to save civilisation as we know it?

Let's find out.

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2023 BMW 2 Series 2019 Renault ZOE

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